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Class of 2021

Something in common
Published Aug 29, 2017
New JHU students discuss shared summer reading assignment, 'Spare Parts'
Baltimore Day
A taste of Baltimore
Published Aug 28, 2017 Photos
Members of the Class of 2021 discover city's neighborhoods, culture, history
First Night
A candlelight greeting
Published Aug 28, 2017
Tradition that dates to 2009 formally welcomes first-year students into student body
New Jays flock to campus
Published Aug 25, 2017 Video
On move-in weekend, more than 1,300 first-years begin their Hopkins journeys
By the numbers
Meet the Class of 2021
Published Aug 25, 2017
First-year undergrads, more than 1,300 of them, arrive on the Homewood campus this weekend
Class of 2021
Published March 17, 2017
Hopkins offers admission to more than 2,500 applicants—civic leaders, social activists, and young people already making a mark on their world
Congrats, new Jays!
Published Dec 16, 2016
Johns Hopkins welcomes first members of its Class of 2021