Johns Hopkins welcomes first members of its Class of 2021

A talented group of 591 high school students who applied to Johns Hopkins University this fall were offered admission today, officially making them the first members of university's undergraduate Class of 2021.

Early decisions

Students who applied early decision for the Class of 2021 can view admissions decisions at mydecision.jhu.edu

This group of early decision applicants includes nationally recognized researchers, innovators in various fields, artists, published authors, and social activists. Among them are the author of a bilingual cookbook, the founder of a non-profit that raises money for girls from low-income families who are interested in STEM fields, a nationally-ranked fencer, a children's book writer, an advocate for food allergy laws, and an internationally competitive windsurfer.

Students who apply early decision have identified Johns Hopkins as their top choice and commit to attend if admitted. The 1,934 early decision applicants this year represent a slight increase from the then-record number of 1,929 who applied early decision last year.

"There are exciting things happening here—academically and socially—and these admitted students bring experiences, perspectives, and ambitions that will only further enhance the undergraduate culture at Johns Hopkins," said Ellen Kim, dean of undergraduate admissions.

A look at the Class of 2021:

  • Total applicants: 1,934
  • Total students admitted: 591
  • States represented: 40
  • Countries represented: 19

Students who applied early decision can view admissions decisions at mydecision.jhu.edu.

The remainder of the Class of 2021 will be selected from the regular decision applicant pool. Regular decision applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 1. Admissions decisions will be announced by April 1.