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Chris beyrer

Yes, you should get a booster
Published Jan 11, 2022
From preventing COVID-19 altogether to lessening symptoms and transmission with breakthrough infections, there are several good reasons to get an mRNA booster ASAP
Basic public health interventions important to reducing omicron spread
Published Dec 15, 2021
Epidemiologist Chris Beyrer suggests that in addition to sharing effective vaccines around the world, basic practices such as masking and providing paid sick leave will help reduce the spread of coronavirus / Barron's
Mask hysteria?
Wearing a mask protects you and those around you
Published Aug 24, 2020
New research co-led by a Johns Hopkins researcher suggests face coverings reduce viral exposure, limiting both transmission and severe disease. But is that evidence enough to turn the tide of public opinion now that masks have become politicized?
Study: HIV epidemic continues for men who have sex with men
Published July 7, 2016
Lack of access to preventive medicine, discriminatory laws contribute to disproportionately high HIV burden / School of Public Health