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Children's health

COVID-19 Impacts
Type 2 diabetes cases in children on the rise during COVID-19 pandemic
Published Aug 25, 2022
Johns Hopkins researchers cite environmental changes caused by the pandemic, including adapting routines and less physical activity, as likely contributors to the increase in type 2 diabetes cases among children
Public health
Researchers to develop new methods for estimating children's exposure to chemicals
Published Feb 23, 2022
A new study, funded by the EPA, will investigate risks of ingesting contaminants when children put their hands and objects in their mouths
Public health
Johns Hopkins Children's Center saves newborn with heart condition
Published Feb 22, 2022
The child, Eve McLennan, was born with critical aortic stenosis and had a life-saving surgery when she was two weeks old
Another COVID-19 winter?
Published Nov 19, 2021
The U.S. appears to be on the brink of a winter surge in COVID-19 cases, but Johns Hopkins experts offer hope that this winter will be better than the last
COVID-19 experts' kids get the vax
Published Nov 11, 2021
Masked smiles, happy dances, and jumps for joy were tweeted out by JHU researchers, epidemiologists, and clinicians to capture the moment their young children got their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine
Johns Hopkins Children's Center to study COVID-19 safety in schools
Published Nov 11, 2021
Experts to research families' perceptions of public health recommendations regarding COVID-19
COVID vaccines have been OK'd for kids. Now what?
Published Nov 4, 2021
Emergency use authorization for Pfizer/BioNTech's vaccine is unlikely to lead to widespread vaccinations among the nation's 28 million 5- to 11-year-olds, Hopkins vaccine expert William Moss says
COVID-19 vaccines for kids
Published Oct 26, 2021
Johns Hopkins public health experts weigh in on the safety and efficacy of shots for school-age children
Children's health
Returning to school safely
Published Sept 10, 2021
Johns Hopkins experts offer tips for parents on masking strategies, warning signs for mental and physical health
COVID-19 vaccines and kids
Published July 2, 2021
Public health and medical leaders explore the complexities of vaccinating kids during Johns Hopkins/UW symposium