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Center for visual arts

Creating art from scratch
Published Jan 30, 2019 Photos
Color Theory class teaches students the principles of design and color
Visual Arts
Making faces in class
Published Jan 31, 2018 Video
Students learn the cultural significance of masks before creating their own in Intersession course
Visual art
Amy Sherald to speak at JHU
Published Oct 16, 2017
Baltimore artist known for striking portraits of African-Americans was recently commissioned to paint official portrait of Michelle Obama
Award-winning cartoonist to speak at Hopkins
Published March 17, 2017
Illustrator Barry Blitt, whose has drawn more than 80 covers for 'The New Yorker,' will visit on April 3
Urban artistry
Published March 29, 2016
Comics artist Ben Katchor on city living, urban sprawl, and art as activism
Visual arts
'Hand-Drying in America'
Published March 14, 2016
Award-winning cartoonist, graphic novelist Ben Katchor to visit JHU on April 4
Art Talk
An artist of textures
Published Oct 12, 2015
Jane Dickson employs unusual mediums such as sandpaper, Astroturf
Campus on canvas
Published Sept 22, 2014 Photos
Forty-five artists set up their easels in various Homewood locations, showing the creative process in action