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center for a livable future

Wasted food, wasted nutrients
Published May 27, 2017
BSPH study finds significant amount of wasted food is consumable, contains vital nutrients Americans need / School of Public Health
Food flick
Documentary hits festivals, classrooms
Published May 27, 2017
'Food Frontiers,' produced by JHU's Center for a Livable Future, showcases food policy success stories
'I just don't want to quit'
Published May 27, 2017
Author, farmer, activist Wendell Berry keep fighting 'to protect everything worth protecting'
Environmental health
Scientists wary of coming climate policy shift
Published May 27, 2017
Experts discuss what Trump's global warming skepticism, pledge to revive coal mean for environmental, public health
Urban farming
New fishy business plan
Published May 27, 2017
JHU's aquaponics testing ground gives way to urban teaching farm
Food fixes
Published May 27, 2017 Video
New documentary explores alternative ways communities around the U.S. access fresh food
Food and nutrition
When the spices dance
Published Spring 2016
African cooking classes with a side of nutritional education / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Fishy business
Fish farm alarm
Published May 27, 2017
Global shift to using plant-based feeds may change levels of healthy fatty acids in farm-raised fish
Survey says ...
Food source findings
Published May 27, 2017
New U.S. dietary guidelines ignore broad support for sustainable agriculture practices
Climate Change
Less meat, less heat
Published May 27, 2017
In Paris, JHU team touts Meatless Monday as important part of global warming conversation