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In a world of social distancing, telemedicine is king
Published Aug 5, 2020
Phillip Phan, a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the Carey Business School, discusses promising developments in telemedicine that may have been sped up by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic
COVID-19 is transforming how companies use digital technology
Published July 27, 2020
How companies approach sales has changed more in the past five months than it has in the past five years, says Carey Business School Associate Professor Joël Le Bon
Even amid social distancing, 'vicarious learning' can work
Published June 18, 2020
Whether professionally or personally, humans learn from each others' life experiences all the time. How do we continue doing that during COVID-19?
Can corporations be trusted after regulations are eased during the pandemic?
Published June 4, 2020
Regulations against corporate collusion have been relaxed to help manufacturing during coronavirus pandemic, but will firms do the right thing when the viral threat is over?
JHU teams take top prizes at business analytics competition
Published May 6, 2020
For the second year in a row, a Carey Business School team has taken first place in the MIT Sloan Operations Simulation Competition, the "Olympics" of supply chain analytics
COVID-19 and global supply chains
Published April 6, 2020
Goker Aydin, an operations management expert at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, discusses how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the exchange of goods around the world
Small business
Standing by local businesses affected by COVID-19
Published March 25, 2020
Carey students develop new website that helps Baltimore's small businesses survive the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
How coronavirus will affect the global supply chain
Published March 6, 2020
Experts from Carey Business School share insights on how COVID-19 is affecting the global economy and how retailers can become more resilient
First-year dean shares his vision for Carey Business School
Published Feb 26, 2020
A wide-ranging conversation with Alexander Triantis, who joined Johns Hopkins in August, about changes to the curriculum and career services at the school
How leaders can inspire through words
Published Feb 24, 2020
Steven D. Cohen, a Carey Business School expert on communication behaviors, shares insights on how inspirational rhetoric can be used by business, civic, and political leaders