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Tax relief
Traffic fees helps kids breathe easier
Published Dec 17, 2017
JHU economist finds that congestion fees in Stockholm lowered pollution and had a positive effect on health
'Hallmark of excellence'
Carey Business School earns prestigious accreditation
Published Dec 17, 2017
AACSB accreditation process evaluates how effectively school educates, prepares students to be successful business leaders
Tech Accelerators
Student startups get a boost
Published Dec 17, 2017
O'Connor Fund grants support six student teams to develop their tech platforms, learn business principles
Consumer behavior
Buyer beware
Published Dec 17, 2017
Product review websites may harm consumers, Carey Business School study finds
What can be done about gender wage gaps?
Published Dec 17, 2017
Study: Earnings disparities between men, women are greatest in world's wealthiest countries
Unintended consequences
Published Dec 17, 2017
Deregulating one industry may negatively affect another, Carey Business School study finds / Carey Business School
Carey team wins marketing case competition
Published Dec 17, 2017
Students develop strategy for Mothers Against Drunk Driving to increase awareness, donations among young people
Business minor added
Published Dec 17, 2017
Students can declare minor—which has eight required courses—in time for spring 2017 semester
Design thinking
Problem-solving, outside the box
Published Dec 17, 2017
Design thinking challenges practitioners to find innovative solutions by zeroing in on a problem's root causes
Business ethics
Stockholder or stakeholder?
Published Dec 17, 2017
Evaluators tend to favor financial performance over contributions to corporate ethics, study suggests