Archived articles
Horsepox synthesis raises questions for science
Published July 11, 2017
Director of JHU's Center for Health Security discusses the implications of this ominous research breakthrough
20 years after ACHRE
Published Oct 5, 2016
Symposium explores ethical fallout of government-sponsored radiation experiments conducted on unsuspecting citizens
Baby, it's hot outside
Published Aug 19, 2016
Bioethicist Travis Rieder discusses the morality of having children in the age of global warming / NPR
Berman Institute program wins $4M grant
Published May 23, 2016
Funding will support continued study of the complex implications of genomic research / Berman Institute of Bioethics
Health care ethics
Kass to help oversee landmark NIH study
Published March 8, 2016
Study aims to determine how to best utilize electronic medical records, genetic data to improve health care
Medical ethics
In short supply
Published Feb 3, 2016
Drug shortages force doctors to make difficult ethical decisions
Burned out
Published Summer 2015
Nursing is hard. Unaddressed ethical issues make it even harder. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Medical ethics
Respect in the ICU
Published Summer 2015
JHU ethicists wonder: Is not doing enough to include patients in conversations about their care disrespectful? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A life full of injustices
Published May 7, 2015
What is unjust about what happened to Freddie Gray goes far beyond what happened on April 12
Training resource aims to bring comfort to chronically ill pediatric patients
Published Nov 13, 2014
New curriculum shows health care workers how to incorporate palliative care principles into long-term care regimen