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Bernard t. ferrari

'Quite an interesting adventure'
Published July 3, 2019
Bernard Ferrari reflects on his seven years as dean of the Carey Business School
Bernard T. Ferrari named dean emeritus
Published June 21, 2019
He led the Carey Business School through period of significant growth, change in his seven years as dean
Bernie Ferrari to retire as Carey Business School dean
Published Dec 6, 2018
He will step down this summer after seven years leading the university's youngest school
Are you listening?
Published March 2013
Carey Business School Dean Bernard Ferrari shares advice for effective leadership in his new book, 'Power Listening' / Gazette
Ferrari's view
Published Winter 2012
Dean Ferrari outlines his plans for Carey Business School to 'show a new way' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
From surgery to serendipity
Published Oct 22, 2012
Bernard Ferrari talks about winding career path that took him from operating room to Carey Business School / The Baltimore Sun
Ferrari outlines his plans for Carey Business School
Published Sept 20, 2012
School will intensify focus on health care, real estate and public infrastructure, financial services, national security
New dean for Carey
Published Fall 2012
Former surgeon, CEO, business owner Bernard T. Ferrari took the helm at Business School in July / Johns Hopkins Magazine