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Air Pollution
Gas stoves might pose risks to both our planet and health
Published Feb 22, 2022
Johns Hopkins climate and pulmonary medicine experts weigh in on recent study of the toxic emissions from the household gas stoves.
Environmental health
Higher BPA levels linked to more asthma symptoms in children
Published Aug 7, 2020
Previous studies have found evidence that the chemical can have pro-inflammatory effects, so researchers investigated the link between BPA exposure and the extent of asthma symptoms
An itch you can't scratch
Published March 9, 2018
Discovery of itch receptors in throats of mice could eventually yield better asthma treatments
Child health
Coarse particles in the air linked to asthma in children
Published Dec 15, 2017
Study: Children exposed to dust, sand, and vehicle-related emissions more likely to develop asthma than those not exposed
Tax relief
Traffic fees helps kids breathe easier
Published March 2, 2017
JHU economist finds that congestion fees in Stockholm lowered pollution and had a positive effect on health
Environmental health
Fracking and asthma
Published July 18, 2016
Study: Proximity to active unconventional natural gas wells increases likelihood of asthma attacks
Asthma and prostate cancer
Published May 22, 2015
Men with history of asthma are less likely to develop fatal prostate cancer, study suggests / Hopkins Medicine
Asthma risk reconsidered
Published Jan 21, 2015
Race, ethnicity, income may be more significant factors than physical surroundings, study shows