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A rare item, with a twist
Published Winter 2020
Johns Hopkins undergraduates were able to get hands-on research experience—even while learning virtually—by recreating a 17th-century paper supercomputer. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Archiving the moment
Published July 9, 2020
Johns Hopkins University and Hospital have launched archival projects to preserve the pandemic experiences of the Hopkins community as learning tools for future generations
Seeing Robert Wilson plain
Published Winter 2018
Hopkins is home to the bookseller's obsessively collected cache of Gertrude Stein books and ephemera / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sheridan Libraries
Historic photos now available online
Published April 26, 2018
Photographs, slides, and portraits made available through the Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives
Hopkins history treasure hunt
Published Winter 2017
Dig a hole, crack a safe—You never know what will turn up from Hopkins' past / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins and WWI
Published Sept 14, 2016
Exhibit digs into university archives to explore impact of 'The Great War' at home and abroad
From the archives
Whiskey proposition
Published Aug 11, 2016
In 1920, JHU professor John B. Watson sought 34 gallons of whiskey for 'research for educational purposes'
Illuminating the weird
Published Summer 2016 Photos
A peek at some of the strangest items in the George Peabody Library / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Back to the future
Automated anthropology
Published Winter 2013
Tom Smith, founder of Project Gado, and Jane Guyer, anthropology professor, talk about using robots to digitize materials. / Johns Hopkins Magazine