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SNF Agora Institute
Giving shape to change
Published Sept 25, 2018
World-renowned architect Renzo Piano discusses his design philosophy, his vision for the SNF Agora Institute project at Johns Hopkins
SNF Agora Institute
Renzo Piano to design campus building
Published Sept 20, 2018
World-renowned architect will create headquarters for Johns Hopkins institute dedicated to strengthening democracy by improving civic engagement, discourse
Reading, writing, renewal
Published March 18, 2014
NYT architecture critic examines Henderson-Hopkins, a 'grand urban experiment' in East Baltimore
Starr turn
This old house
Published Oct 2013
SAIS professor chronicles his transformation of a New Orleans plantation house / Gazette
Building bridges
Published Fall 2013
The new Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories building inspires cross-discipline conversation. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Diamond mind
On ballparks and cities
Published Dec 7, 2012 Video
Berman lecturer Janet Marie Smith talks about the resurgence of classic American ballparks
In step with the site
Published Nov 2012
Movement artist Heather Sultz looks at space and considers how people navigate it individually, how it affects them, how they use it / Gazette