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applied mathematics

Mapping the brain, neuron by neuron
Published Sept 22, 2017
A mathematician and a computer scientist join interdisciplinary effort to create a complete map of a portion of a fruit fly larva brain
Interdisciplinary scholar
Complex systems modeling expert named 29th BDP
Published Sept 22, 2017
Engineer, applied mathematician Ioannis Kevrekidis joins Johns Hopkins after more than 30 years at Princeton
Scheduling home run
Published Sept 22, 2017 Video
JHU math students help create computer-generated schedules for minor league baseball
Brain matters
Published Sept 22, 2017
Mathematician Carey Priebe receives grant to support study of brain's circuitry
Making the call
Published Summer 2014
Four years into his professional baseball umpire career, Dan Merzel, Engr '09, has embraced his vagabond existence. / Johns Hopkins Magazine