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Applied mathematics

Predictive modeling
Report shows benefits of Red Line for Baltimore
Published June 7, 2024
Simulation by JHU data scientists shows proposed Red Line could shorten people's commutes, significantly improve job access
Big data
Groundbreaking method to match celestial objects across telescopes
Published Nov 27, 2023
New approach developed by Johns Hopkins researchers promises to improve the accuracy of celestial object matching
An equation for success
Published April 17, 2023
Hopkins students develop tools to help a Baltimore food distribution operation meet the needs of more people in the city
To a T-cell: Researchers link immune-cell activity to psychiatric symptoms in women with HIV
Published Nov 4, 2022
Study finds that activation of CD4+ T-cells correlates to better memory and attention, while exhausted or aging CD4+ T-cells correlate to psychiatric symptoms
Connecting the dots
Published July 22, 2020
Through statistics and graph theory, Carey Priebe develops novel approaches to finding patterns in chaotic data, leading to important discoveries about international money laundering rings, human trafficking, and the Enron case.
Data science
JHU launches new institute dedicated to data-driven discoveries
Published Nov 18, 2019
TRIPODS Institute brings together mathematicians, statisticians, theoretical computer scientists, and engineers to further the next generation of data analysis
A personalized approach to cancer treatment
Published May 14, 2018
Scientists find a way to distill complex biomolecular data into labels that are easier to interpret
Students ace final exam scheduling test
Published Dec 19, 2017
Group uses existing algorithm to optimize exam schedule based on registrar's requirements
Mapping the brain, neuron by neuron
Published Aug 10, 2017
A mathematician and a computer scientist join interdisciplinary effort to create a complete map of a portion of a fruit fly larva brain
Interdisciplinary scholar
Complex systems modeling expert named 29th BDP
Published May 30, 2017
Engineer, applied mathematician Ioannis Kevrekidis joins Johns Hopkins after more than 30 years at Princeton