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Genome mapped for dozens of animals
Published Jan 29, 2024
Data gathered using software developed by Johns Hopkins University computer scientists will have 'huge implications' for understanding human health and evolution
Creature comfort
Published Winter 2021
Behind the scenes of Hollywood's biggest movies and TV shows, Johns Hopkins alum Thomas Edling helps ensure the safety and humane treatment of all on-set animals. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dogged determination to help
Published July 24, 2018
Study finds that not only will some dogs comfort their owner, but they'll also overcome obstacles to do it
An alternative to animal testing?
Published July 11, 2018
Database of 10,000 chemical compounds shown to be more reliable than animal testing at predicting toxicity
Farm animals
Putting the kibosh on contagion
Published Summer 2018
Surveillance system developed at APL could help public health officials identify infected populations—among humans and animals / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Extinction mystery solved?
Published Aug 11, 2017
New fossil evidence suggests humans played a role in monkey's demise in Jamaica
Life lessons from rhinos
Published Summer 2017
A museum program pairs up with the Maryland Zoo, challenging students to create promo materials that educate and fascinate local school kids / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Furry, four-legged, and family
Published Summer 2017
Scientist and writer David Grimm says the dogs and cats of today are quasi-citizens, with more rights and legal protections than ever before / Johns Hopkins Magazine