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Published Spring 2020
Keeping Hopkins close has never been easier / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alumni Association News
Charting a course for adventure
Published Winter 2019
Traveling with a small group with shared JHU-DNA on a trip with an educational component is one of the chief selling points for Johns Hopkins Alumni Journeys / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alumni share their preferences for programs and events
Published Fall 2019
Most recent all-alumni survey highlights alumni desires for local events and volunteering opportunities / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins Affinity Groups help alumni find their people
Published Spring 2019
Affinity Groups for alumni are organized by interest instead of graduation year, allowing different generations of graduates to meet and share ideas / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Holding the door open
Published Winter 2018
Lifelong educator Allyson Handley succeeds David Yaffe as president of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Roadside assistance
Published Fall 2018
Alumni Association Student Grants program makes student dreams possible, whether it's building a baja car or hosting a TED talk / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The RISE4JHU challenge
Published Spring 2018
JHU receives more donor contributions than expected through challenge gifts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Bronze Johns
Published Spring 2018
3-D printing technology gives new life to an old statuette of Mr. Johns Hopkins / Johns Hopkins Magazine
That's a wrap
Published Winter 2017
New Johns Hopkins-themed upholstery fabrics are available in three patterns: the Blue Jay, the Johns Hopkins shield, and a tartan in coordinating Hopkins colors / Johns Hopkins Magazine
KnowledgeNET's always-open stacks
Published Fall 2017
Get free journal access through the Alumni Association's KnowledgeNET / Johns Hopkins Magazine