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Johns Hopkins researchers identify potential window for treating ALS
Published April 8, 2022
A cell type called astrocytes may contribute to motor neuron death during ALS progression, offering a treatment target for the degenerative disease
Cellular biology
ALS-linked genetic mutation causes dysfunction in lipid metabolism
Published Nov 1, 2018
Study raises possibility that problems in cellular metabolism could contribute to illnesses such as ALS, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer's disease
Cell biology
A scientific first: Artificial hydrogels formed in living cells
Published Nov 6, 2017
Formation of these difficult-to-study cell structures could advance the understanding of how they contribute to diseases such as ALS
Highway congestion
Clogs linked to ALS, dementia
Published Sept 23, 2015
Hopkins scientists successfully clear jammed cellular highways in lab tests using molecular therapy / Hopkins Medicine
Cold Cause
Spillover benefits
Published Aug 21, 2014 Video
Packard Center sees 800 percent increase in donations as a result of #ALSIceBucketChallenge
New clues about ALS
Published April 1, 2013
Research suggests regeneration of central nervous system cells plays key role in early stages of fatal degenerative disease / Johns Hopkins Medicine