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Amazon Business eMarketplace replaces HopkinsSelect
Published Aug 19, 2018
Big name supplier provides room for small businesses to gain visibility and grow
Learning to lead
Published Aug 19, 2018
Ready to step up? Nominations for the next cohort in the university's Leadership Development Program are due June 15
Gallup survey results show uptick in employee engagement from 2015
Published Aug 19, 2018
In addition, more than 64 percent of staff completed this year's survey, up from 55 percent
MAY 11
Workshop: Wordplay at Work—Beginning Writing and Grammar on the Job
Published Aug 19, 2018
This refresher course will sharpen your skills in report-based writing, grammar/mechanics, tone, and style
MAY 10
Workshop: Conquering Negativity—Creating Optimism in the Workplace
Published Aug 19, 2018
Learn techniques to quickly turn bad office vibes into good ones
New Peabody Preparatory tuition remission process
Published Aug 19, 2018
Paperless system replaces formerly used forms, retains data
RAT Pack celebrates its role as university's 'front line of defense'
Published Aug 19, 2018 Photos
Both new hires and existing staff extoll the in-depth Research Administrative Training Program, now entering its 10th year
T-Mobile offers Advantage Program for Johns Hopkins employees
Published Aug 19, 2018
Special introductory pricing includes $35 phone lines for new customers
MAY 23
Workshop: Interviewing—First Impression, Best Impression
Published Aug 19, 2018
Thinking about moving to a new position? Get prepped on how to be the best candidate
Workshop: Excel 2016-Data Analysis With Power Pivot
Published Aug 19, 2018
Learn to organize, manipulate, and report on data in the best way possible