Workshop: Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success

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The old rules of management and supervision simply don't work with today's complex workforce. That's why the most effective leaders in America now rely on the power of coaching and mentoring to lead their teams to success.

A one-day workshop called Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success is designed to build your know-how in all-important leadership skills, and to help you be a more effective leader, starting immediately.

Through effective coaching, you'll build loyalty and trust by making every team member feel valued and appreciated. And you'll know exactly how to coach your underperformers, inspiring them to become strong contributors.

Through mentoring, your most-valued employees can realize their full potential and take their skills to the next level. And mentoring improves employee retention because individuals who are growing and developing on the job are less likely to leave.

Register online for this one-day workshop, which will be offered by Learning Solutions on Tuesday, Oct. 16. You'll gain tools, techniques, and strategies needed to solve tough problems such as how to get employees to take the initiative, how to motivate team members to achieve even more, how to keep staffers' personal problems from affecting work, and more.

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