Update on lactation accommodations in the workplace

Advancements in process, policy, and growth include a focus on the integration of, and shift to, more-inclusive language

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The Johns Hopkins Breastfeeding Support Program was established in 2010 as a data-driven, grassroots advocacy effort with three lactation rooms. Now, in 2023, through the renamed Lactation Support Program, or LSP, Johns Hopkins affiliates have access to more than 50 lactation rooms across the Homewood, East Baltimore, and Bayview campuses and four vending machines that sell lactation supplies.

The LSP aims to support Johns Hopkins staff and students who need to express milk while they work and learn on campus. Since its inception, the program has received a gold award for being a breastfeeding-friendly workplace.

The expansion and evolution of the LSP includes using more-inclusive language in program events and materials and in the related policy, which has been newly named Lactation Accommodations in the Workplace.

"I am thrilled to see the care and attention that went into making these policies inclusive," says Demere Woolway, executive director of Inclusive Excellence Education and Development in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. "These policies and associated programs will support a JHU community that is composed of many different types of families and many different gender identities."

The renaming of the Family Building event is a testament to these efforts. "Kudos for the inclusive language used by all presenters across all topics, as well as the PowerPoint presentation," said Ana Soule, of the School of Medicine, after attending a recent Family Building event. "Using gender-neutral terms is a clear way for organizations to communicate that all are welcome and safe. "

The updated lactation policy includes a new request form to be completed by Johns Hopkins affiliates who need to express milk while at work. Upcoming webinars will provide an overview of the policy and how to access the form. Register using the following links:

To learn more about the program, go to the LSP website. For answers to questions not answered there, email or call 410-516-2000.

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