Welcome to lactation room No. 50

A ribbon-cutting at Homewood's Imagine Center marks a milestone for JHU's Lactation Support Program

An open door that has a big blue bow and a sign saying

Image caption: A glimpse into the lactation room in the Imagine Center on the Homewood campus.


Since its inception in 2011 with only three designated lactation rooms, Johns Hopkins' Lactation Support Program has continued to grow and champion working families across the university's campuses. The 50th lactation room was inaugurated on Monday at Homewood's Imagine Center with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony that was part of the building's grand opening. Staff from Benefits & Worklife, Facilities and Real Estate, and the Life Design Lab were on hand to celebrate the landmark space.

Pierre Joanis, vice president for human resources, delivered remarks about the significance of the space and cut the ribbon to mark the milestone.

"The support for the members of the Johns Hopkins community goes beyond the lactation rooms—we have lactation vending machines, hospital-grade pumps, and resources for all affiliates," Joanis said. "This type of support is exceptional and paramount to ensuring that our community can balance their family and caregiving needs while working and learning on campus. This program is just one of many that makes Johns Hopkins the inclusive and special place that it is and recognizes the diverse and holistic needs of our people."

Another new lactation room, in Homewood's Ralph S. O'Connor Center for Recreation and Well-Being, brings the total number of registered facilities to 51.

Additional information about the Lactation Support Program, including a full list of available rooms and an online registration form, can be found on the HR website.

If your questions aren't answered there, contact the Benefits Service Center at or 410-516-2000.