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Ring up holiday savings
Published Nov 15, 2019
Your JHU LifeMart membership gives you discounts on gifts, groceries, restaurants, holiday travel, and more
DEC. 10
Retirement webinar: Planning for Diminished Capacity and Illness
Published Nov 15, 2019
Learn about the important documents you should consider putting in place, strategies for funding long-term care, and more
DEC. 17
Workshop: Critical Thinking Skills for Today's Employee
Published Nov 15, 2019
Mastering the process improves communication, problem-solving, and overall decision making
DEC. 10
Workshop: Speak Like a Pro
Published Nov 15, 2019
Learn proven techniques for planning, practicing, and delivering public presentations
DEC. 3 OR 5
Workshop: Retire Right From Johns Hopkins
Published Nov 14, 2019
Are you a faculty or staff member within 10 years of retirement? If so, this nonfinancial retirement planning workshop is for you
Cooking for a diabetic? Here's how to shop and make meals
Published Nov 14, 2019
Comparing items and reading food labels are key
Important information about electronic W-2 forms
Published Nov 13, 2019
Here are the steps employees need to take by Dec. 31
Resource reminder about Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work
Published Nov 11, 2019
Whether you're a patient caregiver or a workplace manager, this Hopkins program has helpful information geared to you
NOV. 21
Wellness webinar: Diabetes and Heart Health Awareness
Published Nov 11, 2019
One of the fastest-growing chronic diseases, diabetes can lead to serious medical complications
IRS sets 2020 contribution limits for 403(b) plans
Published Nov 7, 2019
You can view, make changes to, or enroll in a Johns Hopkins University retirement plan at any time during the year