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AUG. 11
Care@Work webinar: Ensuring a Successful Return to Work and School
Published July 19, 2021
Planning tips and advice on dividing household duties will be shared by the founder of the Milo app
Introducing Johns Hopkins myConcierge
Published July 15, 2021
From gift buying to accessing hard-to-get tickets, the service provides timesaving assistance and organization to help with life's daily challenges
Support for employees and managers returning to the workplace
Published July 15, 2021
Check out these tips—and sign up for an upcoming online support session
JHU Healthy at Hopkins launches new free online fitness and wellness program
Published July 15, 2021
The BurnAlong platform can be accessed on phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs—and your friends can join you
New name: Adopt-a-Student Uniform & Supply Drive
Published July 15, 2021
Now your $40 contribution subsidizes both uniforms and school supplies for a Baltimore City Public Schools student
Enjoy your summer, protect your skin
Published July 15, 2021
Here are four things you should know before heading out into the sun
Wellness webinar: Skin Cancer Awareness
Published July 15, 2021
Learn about the causes and symptoms of skin cancer and how to protect your skin so you can enjoy the season safely
AUG. 18
Retirement webinar: She's Got It—A Woman's Guide to Saving and Investing
Published July 15, 2021
Tune in to learn what it takes to overcome challenges and make your retirement dreams come true
AUG. 10 & 11
Workshop: Living Well With Stress—Create Calm and Change Your Outlook
Published July 15, 2021
Participants will set goals to create a better environment that promotes a healthier, more productive situation
AUG. 4
Workshop: Get Connected! Learning to Network in Today's World
Published July 15, 2021
The how, why, and where of making and maintaining contacts will be discussed in depth