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undergraduate research

Art off the shelf
Published March 25, 2017
Hopkins undergrads organize artists' book exhibit at Baltimore Museum of Art
Science Tweeting 101
Published March 25, 2017
Intersession class preps students for competitive world of scientific publishing
'30 Under 30'
Two from Johns Hopkins make 'Forbes' list
Published March 25, 2017
Param Shah, Alex Mathews co-founded software-driven orthotics startup Fusiform
Student scholarship
Johns Hopkins senior named Rhodes Scholar
Published March 25, 2017
Neuroscience major Nicole Mihelson among 32 recipients of prestigious award
Undergrad research
JHU team takes bronze
Published March 25, 2017
Students place third at Collegiate Inventors Competition with low-cost cryotherapy system to treat breast cancer
Undergrad research
Top inventors
Published March 25, 2017
Undergraduate team named finalist in Collegiate Inventors Competition for device that freezes breast cancer tissue
Student scholar
'The joy of discovery'
Published March 25, 2017
Junior Duy Phan, a neuroscience major, is one of two JHU students to earn a coveted NIH Undergraduate Scholarship
Not your typical post-graduation trip
Published March 25, 2017
Recent graduate Laura Scavo travels to Liberia to see the Ebola protective suit she worked on in action
Undergraduate research
Breathing easier
Published March 25, 2017 Video
Student team designs device that could help reduce deaths from battlefield injuries that block breathing
Fashioning a fit for heels
Published March 25, 2017
Student team tackles project that aims to meet demand among growing number of women veteran amputees