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3-D printing, Ikea-style

February 10, 2016
A recent three-day Intersession course gave JHU students and other participants the chance to build their own 3-D printers from scratch, using a 57-step instruction booklet. They also programmed the printers and learned to use them. "It's better than buying a 3-D printer,” said sophomore Ryan Demo, an electrical and computer engineering major. "This way you learn how the entire thing works from the ground up."
Johns Hopkins approved to perform first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in U.S.
Men's lacrosse

Hopkins outlasts Navy

February 10, 2016
  |   Video
Brown scores six goals, Stanwick nets game-winner in 12-11 double-OT victory /

How Zika virus evolves

February 4, 2016
Andrew Pekosz on sexual transmission of ths virus and the difficulty of developing effective treatments
Hopkins business students to compete in venture capital contest in Boston