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Might as well laugh
Published Summer 2016
Studies have shown that the use of humor in health care settings, sometimes called "therapeutic humor," can enhance the immune system, improve digestion, and generate better sleep and pain management by increasing endorphins. Therapeutic humor won't change a clinical outcome—it can't shrink a tumor or erase heart disease. But it can help patients better navigate the processes of illness, recovery, and even dying, says Anne Belcher, an associate professor at JHU's School of Nursing who has a long-standing interest in the health benefits of humor and spirituality. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Breast Cancer
Healthy lifestyle can lower cancer risk
Published May 26, 2016
Women may be able to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer, even if they have genetic risk factors / School of Public Health
Zika virus
Misinformation, amplified
Published May 24, 2016
Social media conspiracy theories could undermine efforts to combat Zika virus, experts caution
When the air is a playground
Published Summer 2016
The Aerial Circus Club hangs, spins, and twists on silks and rings for the most artistic of core workouts / Johns Hopkins Magazine