Welcome, new Jays!
Published Aug 26, 2016 Photos
The more than 1,300 new undergraduate students who will join the Hopkins Homewood community this fall began moving in early Friday. With students representing 33 countries and 44 states, move-in day aims to relieve students of added stress through organization, friendly faces, and plenty of water to combat the heat. "The students don't have to worry as much about where their things are going," said Diamond Hall, residence life graduate assistant and May 2016 graduate of Johns Hopkins. "They have someone to guide them there, bring them to their room, and someone else takes care of the all the rest."
Brain science
Neuroscientist Uli Mueller named 24th BDP
Published Aug 26, 2016
Expert on hearing loss, brain development studies molecular workings behind auditory impairment
Can one cosmic mystery help solve another?
Published Aug 26, 2016
Astrophysicists from Johns Hopkins propose using mysterious fast radio bursts to help detect dark matter
Litter-free Baltimore
Tracking trash
Published Aug 26, 2016
Two PhD candidates recognized by Abell Foundation for their simple ideas to help make Baltimore's streets cleaner