Siebel Scholars
5 doctoral students honored
Published Oct 25, 2016
As they work toward medical breakthroughs for disease treatment and surgery, five engineering graduate students from Johns Hopkins University have won key support for their research through the prestigious Siebel Scholars program, which honors the best and brightest from the world's top business and engineering schools with the goal of advancing cutting-edge research and collaborative solutions for pressing global problems. The Johns Hopkins recipients—Adriana Blazeski, Berk Gonenc, Shiva Razavi, Quinton Smith, and Lindsay Clegg—join a formidable network of more than 1,000 researchers and entrepreneurs who have taken part in the Siebel program since its founding in 2000.
Campus carry
Study: Guns on campuses won't deter shootings
Published Oct 25, 2016
Evidence suggests right-to-carry permissions on campus will likely lead to increase in gun violence, suicides
Computer science
A giant leap for genome sequencing
Published Oct 25, 2016
JHU's Michael Schatz leads work on new computer algorithms that create more complete DNA portraits
Embracing inclusion
Published Oct 25, 2016
Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council hosts 13th annual conference