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Farm animals
Putting the kibosh on contagion
Published Summer 2018
Surveillance system developed at APL could help public health officials identify infected populations—among humans and animals / Johns Hopkins Magazine
From bench to bedside and back
Published Summer 2018
Neuroscientist Richard Huganir studies a genetic mutation that contributes to intellectual disability / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Full metal bracket
Published Summer 2018
For decades, 3-D printing in metal has remained difficult and time-consuming. Hopkins alum Jonah Myerberg aims to change that. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Evidence revealed for a new property of quantum matter
Published Aug 19, 2018
A theorized but never-before detected property of quantum matter has now been spotted in a Hopkins lab
Parker Solar Probe
Hitching a ride to the sun
Published Aug 19, 2018
APL-build spacecraft will transport more than a million names on its historic mission this summer
Network news
Building big data storage
Published Aug 19, 2018
Team led by astrophysicist Alex Szalay receives $1.8M to build network that could transform how scientists store, access data
Milestone celebration
125 years of innovation
Published Aug 19, 2018
School of Medicine celebrates milestone anniversary with symposium featuring speakers, panel discussions, and interactive exhibits
$1.9M grant for engine emissions research
Published Aug 19, 2018
They will work to produce a commercially viable exhaust-gas catalyst system that kicks in as soon as an engine is started
Two students named Astronaut Scholars
Published Aug 19, 2018
Vinay Ayyappan, Melissa Mai among 50 U.S. recipients selected for their academic and research merit
Biomedical engineering
Medicine's problem-solvers
Published Aug 19, 2018
Biomedical engineering program empowers undergrads to develop real-world solutions for improving patient care