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Gun policy
The case for funding firearm research
Published April 19, 2018
As gun policy debate rages, scientists say funding for research is critical / Wired
Race in America
Public health crises in Puerto Rico
Published April 19, 2018
March 27 panel discussion will examine island's public health needs following devastation caused by Hurricane Maria
Foreign Affairs Symposium
Four takeaways from Samantha Power's talk
Published April 19, 2018
Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. discusses current political climate, addresses issue raised by student protesters
When the abuser is a child, too
Published Spring 2018
The criminal justice system is failing children convicted of child sex abuse, Hopkins researchers say / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with Jessica Ziparo
Published Spring 2018
Historian and lawyer Jessica Ziparo explores how the first women to gain federal employment did and didn't open doors to other women entering the labor force / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Computer, P.I.
Published Spring 2018
If computers could analyze the contexts and relationships of photographs, videos, audio, text documents, and internet activity, they could become digital detectives / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Medicine and race
Published Spring 2018
Hopkins alum's new book examines racist medical ideas about blackness that were used to justify slavery and still influence medical disparities today / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hope in the era of election meddling
Published Spring 2018
Social media sites are ideal platforms for disinformation campaigns, but there's a growing trend to combat fake news: digital forensics / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The Known World
Who is the working class?
Published Spring 2018
In this debut episode, The Known World podcast dives into issues facing the American working class / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Women's history month
Harriet Tubman, real-life action hero
Published April 19, 2018
Maryland-born abolitionist and humanitarian is 'as heroic as it gets,' says historian N. D. B. Connolly