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The public health case for abortion rights
Published Nov 30, 2021
Joanne Rosen from the Johns Hopkins Center for Law and the Public's Health discusses Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which heads to the Supreme Court Dec. 1
'Debt roulette' is an important political bargaining chip, finance expert says
Published Nov 24, 2021
As the Dec. 3 deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches, Kathleen Day discusses the history of the debt limit and why it remains a critical economic and political tool
Data tracking
Tracker finds widespread discrepancies in school COVID-19 policies
Published Nov 22, 2021
Variation occurs not only between states but also within states as individual districts adopt policies at odds with state guidelines
University news
Building the Agora
Published Nov 17, 2021
The SNF Agora Institute formally installed its first cohort of endowed professors Nov. 15, marking a significant moment in the university's endeavors to foster democracy
25 years of school and family connections
Published Nov 16, 2021
The Johns Hopkins-based National Network of Partnership Schools has helped more than 5,000 schools plan, implement, and continually improve family and community involvement, says its director, Joyce Epstein
Hearing aid coverage could be 'transformational'
Published Nov 15, 2021
Expanding Medicare coverage to pay for hearing aids would improve the quality of life for millions of older Americans, says Nicholas Reed of the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health
Veterans Day
Making up for lost time
Published Nov 10, 2021
After serving in WWII, Paul Hessemer and Bud Holecheck became friends as Homewood undergrads. Recently the two members of the Class of 1949 reunited for the first time in more than 70 years to catch up and discuss their shared wartime history.
Why the child tax credit matters
Published Nov 8, 2021
Economist and congressional adviser Robert Moffitt discusses how the American Rescue Plan's monthly allowance is lifting children out of poverty, cutting food insecurity, and investing in children as a society
Supply chain issues spike shoppers' demands
Published Nov 1, 2021
A maxed-out, inflexible transportation system is to blame for higher prices and a lack of variety on store shelves, says Tinglong Dai of the Carey Business School
Hopkins student asks President Biden about climate change
Published Oct 21, 2021
Sophomore class president Kobi Khong posed a question to President Biden during a town hall event in Baltimore on Thursday night