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Book recommendations from Hopkins scholars and experts
Published Dec 15, 2022
We asked faculty members, library staff, and many others about the best books they read in 2022. This is what they told us.
Kweisi Mfume continues to push for progress
Published Dec 7, 2022
Mfume, a Baltimore native who received a masters degree from JHU in 1984, returned to Congress in 2020 to represent Maryland 7th District
Public health
Life expectancy is declining in the U.S. It doesn't have to be.
Published Dec 6, 2022
A new report authored by experts from the Bloomberg School of Public Health identify solutions to pressing public health concerns that are causing the average American life expectancy to fall
Oregon's new laws and the future of U.S. gun policy
Published Nov 28, 2022
A midterm ballot initiative requires permits to purchase guns and limits magazine capacity, charting a course for other states to put gun control in the hands of voters, says Hopkins expert Cass Crifasi
What we learned from the midterms
Published Nov 11, 2022
Scholars from the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins convened to discuss the influence of factors such as 'Dobbs,' the war in Ukraine, and the specter of the 2024 presidential race on this year's midterm elections
Midterm elections analysis with a Hopkins expert
Published Nov 9, 2022
The American political landscape is unsettled after Election Day, with several major races still undecided. Which party had a better night? Political scientist Daniel Schlozman breaks down the midterm winners and losers
Election 2022
Alum Wes Moore wins Maryland governor's race
Published Nov 9, 2022
Hopkins alumnus Wes Moore is the governor-elect of Maryland—the state's first Black governor and the third Black governor in U.S. history
Students united
Published Nov 7, 2022
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute students and Hopkins undergrads come together to learn about Baltimore's civil rights history
Hopkins Votes
How to prepare for Election Day
Published Nov 4, 2022
The Hub provides a resource for voters to ensure they are ready to vote in the midterm elections on November 8
Engineering for social change
Published Nov 4, 2022
In her 'Social Justice for Engineers' course, alum Sarah Hemminger teaches Johns Hopkins students about how thoughtful design can address social ills