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Graduate education
Carey and SAIS offer dual degree
Published Jan 4, 2021
The Master of Business Administration/Master of Arts in International Relations degree will provide graduate students with expertise in global problem-solving, leadership, and research methods
The Democracy Project
Disability and the democratic process
Published Jan 4, 2021
The 2020 election highlighted the ways the disability community is excluded from both the right to vote and access to voting
Hopkins experts call for blue ribbon commission on reopening K-12 schools
Published Jan 4, 2021
'The coronavirus has potentially disrupted learning for a generation,' three education and bioethics experts write in 'The Baltimore Sun' / The Baltimore Sun
Pandemic sends airline revenues plummeting
Published Dec 28, 2020
Johns Hopkins Lecturer Terry Leitch, former senior director of risk management for Boeing Capital, offers insights into how the airline industry might recover from the economic toll of the pandemic
Education and racial justice expert Odis Johnson joins Johns Hopkins
Published Dec 16, 2020
He is the principal investigator of a national study of fatal interactions with police and an expert in educational disparities
A crisis within a crisis
Published Dec 14, 2020
More than 40 states have reported increased opioid deaths since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Will the Purdue Pharma settlement help right the ship?
Johns Hopkins learning modules teach best practices for reducing COVID-19 risks during in-person learning
Published Dec 14, 2020
The seven-module series is designed to help U.S. school and district officials develop and assess plans for in-person K-12 instruction
Risk calculator
Online COVID-19 mortality risk calculator could help determine who should get vaccines first
Published Dec 11, 2020
Calculator developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins factors in pre-existing health conditions and sociodemographic and environmental factors to determine individual and community-level risk
Public health
A moment of truth for public health in America
Published Dec 10, 2020
Gathering Anthony Fauci and other leading public health figures, the Bloomberg American Health Summit examines COVID-19's far-ranging impact on U.S. health challenges
Small businesses
A closer look at the Paycheck Protection Program
Published Dec 9, 2020
Nagpurnanand Prabhala, an expert in corporate finance, examines the flaws and advantages of how the small business loan program was administered and its effects on company value