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SNF Agora director lays out institute's guiding principles
Published June 27, 2019
At Athens workshop, political scientist Hahrie Han says citizens must cultivate the capacity to engage in their democracy
Urban economist Matthew Kahn named BDP
Published June 25, 2019
He'll teach economics courses at Krieger and Carey and will lead the 21st Century Cities Initiative
SNF Agora Institute
On peace, tribalism, and conflict
Published June 24, 2019
Beyond Conflict founder Tim Phillips speaks as part of the SNF Agora Institute's "Talking (and Listening) Across Divides" conference Wednesday
Is gaming addiction a medical disorder?
Published June 21, 2019
Hopkins alum says the recent designation of Gaming Disorder as a medical condition is a decision that lacks nuance and may overlook important social components of gaming
Yes, she did
Published Summer 2019
Alum Molly Dillon's anthology compiles stories from women who served in the Obama White House / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Don't skip that cocktail party, introverts
Published Summer 2019
Study asks people with different levels of extroversion to interact in a simulated social mixer and rate their experiences afterward, shedding light on what less-extroverted people can do to increase their social confidence / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tracking autism in teens
Published Summer 2019
The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network will begin tracking the mental and physical health of teenagers with autism / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Women supporting women
Published Summer 2019
The rise of women philanthropists at Carey has been led in part by the powerhouse personality of Karen Peetz, a university trustee and alumna / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins on the Hill
Leading by example
Published June 13, 2019
Researchers and scientists from across Johns Hopkins showcase their work to demonstrate importance of federal funding
Gun safety
Most gun owners unlikely to buy 'smart' guns
Published June 10, 2019
Survey finds that while 79% of gun owners support the sale of personalized weapons, only 18% are likely to buy them