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Texas church shooting 'fits a pattern'
Published Dec 12, 2017
Despite research thats shows majority of mass shootings have a connection to domestic abuse, policy loopholes allow abusers to obtain firearms easily
Interdisciplinary scholars
Trailblazing social scientist joins JHU
Published Dec 12, 2017
Vesla Weaver is a leading scholar on racial inequality, criminal justice issues
MSE Symposium
A country divided by fake news
Published Dec 12, 2017
MSNBC political analyst Joy-Ann Reid discusses the polarized media landscape and how we got here
Economist discusses next Fed chair
Published Dec 12, 2017
Carey School's Alessandro Rebucci offers insight on Jerome Powell, Trump's pick to lead the Federal Reserve
Race in America
Native American activist to visit JHU
Published Dec 12, 2017
Winona LaDuke, an advocate for environmental and women's rights, speaks at Mason Hall on Nov. 8
Bill Clinton urges swift action on opioids
Published Dec 12, 2017
Former president visits Bloomberg school for discussion of the drug epidemic and the public health response
10 recommendations to address opioid crisis
Published Dec 12, 2017
Bloomberg School experts, in collaboration with the Clinton Foundation, outline steps for urgent action on opioids
Global health
Diverse perspectives, common goals
Published Dec 12, 2017
Alliance for a Healthier World hosts interdisciplinary networking event at George Peabody Library
Al Gore: Students can play 'huge part' in today's climate movement
Published Dec 12, 2017
Students watch follow-up to 'An Inconvenient Truth,' participate in live Q&A with former vice president
Bill Clinton to take part in opioid epidemic forum
Published Dec 12, 2017
Bloomberg School to host experts for discussion on translating evidence to action to combat opioid crisis