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Henderson-Hopkins ends school year with a splash
Published July 17, 2018
Family Fun Day brings families, community, and teachers to the Henderson-Hopkins School
Interdisciplinary scholar
Global health policy expert named 34th BDP
Published July 17, 2018
Jeremy Shiffman, who comes from American University, views health care policy through the lens of political science
Global health
'I hope countries will compete in generosity'
Published July 17, 2018
Philanthropist and tech giant Bill Gates visits SAIS for discussion of the U.S. foreign aid budget and what it means for health care in the developing world
The impact of family separation
Published July 17, 2018
Paul Spiegel says that for children, being separated from their parents is a trauma that can have 'very negative effects' / Newsweek
An effort to restore civil discourse
Published July 17, 2018 Video
SNF Agora Institute workshop in Athens, Greece, examines division, distrust, and democracy
Pride of Charles Village
Published July 17, 2018
About 250 from Hopkins participate in Baltimore's annual Pride parade
Civil discourse
Building a 'global public square'
Published July 17, 2018
Agora Institute brings immersive audiovisual Portals to Homewood to connect people at Hopkins with others around the world
Health equity
Healing the divide
Published July 17, 2018
Hopkins expert Lisa Cooper discusses challenges and new directions in health disparities research
Trump-Kim summit analysis
Published July 17, 2018
North Korean leader accomplished at least one major objective while the benefits for the U.S. and the West are less clear, SAIS expert says
Autonomous vehicles
In the driver's seat
Published Summer 2018
Self-driving cars have the potential to make roads safer. But what do we do while they learn from their mistakes? / Johns Hopkins Magazine