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Interdisciplinary research
Cardiologists, engineers collaborate
Published Nov 19, 2018
New center will oversee clinical trials of biomedical interventions for treating heart disease developed at Johns Hopkins
Health care
Patients with untreated hearing loss incur higher health care costs over time
Published Nov 16, 2018
Older adults with untreated hearing loss generated 46 percent more in total health care costs over 10 years compared to those who don't have hearing loss
U.S. health
Experts at summit examine public health challenges facing U.S.
Published Nov 16, 2018
Speakers at inaugural Bloomberg American Health Summit include Michael R. Bloomberg, Arne Duncan, Walter Isaacson, Leana Wen, Tom Wolf, and others
Heart health
Western diet and lifestyle raises blood pressure
Published Nov 15, 2018
Study examined two South American tribes—one that has little Western contact and one that has been exposed to Western diet and lifestyle
Studies to explore immune responses to flu shots
Published Nov 6, 2018
Johns Hopkins gets $8M NIH grant to look at differences in how men, women respond to flu shots
Cell engineering
Cell death pathway tied to Parkinson's
Published Nov 5, 2018
Understanding the pathway for nerve cell degradation in Parkinson's disease could unlock new avenues for treating the disease
Cellular biology
ALS-linked genetic mutation causes dysfunction in lipid metabolism
Published Nov 1, 2018
Study raises possibility that problems in cellular metabolism could contribute to illnesses such as ALS, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer's disease
Owl study offers clues to human attention
Published Oct 30, 2018 Video
Owls help JHU scientists unlock the secret of how the brain pays attention
The high cost of gun violence
Published Oct 29, 2018
More than 8,300 kids are treated for gunshot wounds in the U.S. each year, totaling more than $270M in emergency room and inpatient charges
Why parents refuse the HPV vaccine
Published Oct 24, 2018
Study suggests less than half of eligible recipients complete vaccine series, with perceived safety concerns the most common reason parents opt to not vaccinate