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Innovative care
Hopkins AITC announces additional awardees of second funding round
Published Jan 5, 2024
Grant recipients will receive funding to develop new artificial intelligence technologies to promote healthy aging
Faculty honors
Two named to National Academy of Inventors
Published Dec 20, 2023
Materials scientist Hai-Quan Mao, cancer researcher Victor Velculescu among 162 fellows recognized for contributions to science and society
Biomedical engineering
A brain imaging advance
Published Dec 14, 2023
Hopkins team develops new algorithm that can create 'super-scans' of the brain
A new landscape for medical tests
Published Winter 2023
30% to 50% of consumers are now comfortable using at-home diagnostics, creating a market demand for tests that allow patients to collect a sample from the comfort of their home / Johns Hopkins Magazine
More sickle cell patients could benefit from transplant
Published Dec 12, 2023
"Half-matched" bone marrow transplants can cure sickle cell disease in 88% of patients
University leadership
Ted DeWeese named next dean, CEO of Medicine
Published Dec 8, 2023
In 18 months as interim dean and CEO, he has set JHM on the path to financial transformation and launched a reimagination of the life and basic sciences at Hopkins
Environmental health
Order up for cleaner kitchen air
Published Dec 7, 2023
A research team that included a JHU air-quality expert has developed a new method for better estimating potential exposure to cooking-related emissions during stir-frying
Environmental Health
Turning waste into watts
Published Dec 7, 2023
Study led by Hopkins environmental engineers suggests that anaerobic digestion could be used to clean cattle manure and produce fuel
Brain science
Brain scans of ex-NFL players show impact of collision sports
Published Nov 29, 2023
Hopkins Medicine adds to growing stack of evidence that collision sports involving repeated blows to the head may lead to dementia and other forms of cognitive disorders
Disability Research
STEM PhDs with disabilities are underpaid, underrepresented
Published Nov 27, 2023
New research from the Disability Health Research Center reveals significant pay disparities among STEM PhD holders across all employment sectors