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Many breast cancer patients forgo post-surgery treatment
Published Nov 18, 2017
Patients who distrust health care system are more likely to go against doctor's post-surgery advice, study finds / School of Public Health
Bill Clinton urges swift action on opioids
Published Nov 18, 2017
Former president visits Bloomberg school for discussion of the drug epidemic and the public health response
10 recommendations to address opioid crisis
Published Nov 18, 2017
Bloomberg School experts, in collaboration with the Clinton Foundation, outline steps for urgent action on opioids
Global health
Diverse perspectives, common goals
Published Nov 18, 2017
Alliance for a Healthier World hosts interdisciplinary networking event at George Peabody Library
Bill Clinton to take part in opioid epidemic forum
Published Nov 18, 2017
Bloomberg School to host experts for discussion on translating evidence to action to combat opioid crisis
Mmmmm chocolate
Junk food science
Published Nov 18, 2017 Video
Food has the power to sneak in and grab our attention—especially junk food, study finds
The merit of merit-based aid
Published Nov 18, 2017
Leaders at Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford say merit-based scholarships may be detrimental to future of medicine
Public health
An early warning system for malaria
Published Nov 18, 2017 Video
Using satellite and population data, researchers hope to give public health officials more lead time
Ovarian cancer originates in fallopian tubes
Published Nov 18, 2017
Researcher says treatment for deadly disease may have stalled in part because scientists 'have been studying the wrong tissue of origin' / Hopkins Medicine
Patient safety
Phasing out unnecessary blood testing
Published Nov 18, 2017
Eliminating widespread and unnecessary tests can improve patient health, save up to $2 million in costs each year / Hopkins Medicine