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Faculty honors
Two elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Published April 25, 2024
Diane Griffin, Du Yun among 250 individuals recognized for leadership, multidisciplinary work, and achievements in advancing the common good
Weight loss
Benefits of intermittent fasting questioned
Published April 22, 2024
Both time-restricted eating and regularly planned meals led to similar weight loss results in study, suggesting total calories may be more important than meal timing
Environmental health
The impact of cigarette butts
Published April 22, 2024
Cigarette butts are the most littered item on the planet. Two new studies from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control point to possible solutions.
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EPA phases out PFAS
Published April 19, 2024
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency imposes first-ever regulations limiting chemicals known as PFAS, or forever chemicals, in drinking water
Mental Health
Adolescent stress may raise risk of postpartum depression in adults
Published April 18, 2024
Early-life stress may lead to prolonged elevation of the hormone cortisol after childbirth and in turn, postpartum depression
Let's talk about childhood injury prevention
Published April 16, 2024
By simply talking to parents about preventing injuries, pediatricians can help families keep kids safer
Health policy
Bernie Sanders visits Hopkins Nursing
Published April 16, 2024
Visit showcases the school's vision and approaches for the future, centering on health, well-being, and preventive care
What's happening with dairy cows and bird flu?
Published April 15, 2024
Though the virus is circulating in dairy cows, human exposure remains low, Johns Hopkins public health experts say
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What happens if the Supreme Court limits mifepristone?
Published March 26, 2024
Johns Hopkins expert Suzanne Bell explains the possible reproductive health impacts of limiting access to a pill that has been safely used by millions of people
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Why the U.S. health system needs redesign
Published March 8, 2024
Hopkins Nursing policy expert Vincent Guilamo-Ramos makes the case for a nurse-led approach to health care that focuses on prevention and equity