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Safe slumber
Published Fall 2017
Baltimore mom Shantell Roberts was recently awarded a $25,000 grant from the Social Innovation Lab to develop a lightweight cardboard box that serves as a bassinet / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Scratch, scratch, ow!
Published Fall 2017
A team of Hopkins postdocs have found that some neurons carry signals for both itch and pain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Clean needle zone
Published Fall 2017
Do supervised drug-injection centers make communities safer? Hopkins public health expert says yes / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Emergency medicine
Hopkins experts aid Texas recovery
Published Sept 22, 2017
3 Hopkins emergency medicine experts among those assisting with Hurricane Harvey response efforts
Brain's reaction to 'food cues' could predict future obesity
Published Sept 22, 2017
Small study finds brain's self-regulation system less active in teens at risk for adult obesity / Hopkins Medicine
Ebola virus
Protein could be key to Ebola's spread
Published Sept 22, 2017
Discovery by JHU researchers plays key role in project that appears to pinpoint what makes deadly virus so contagious
13 nurses honored in Saudi Arabia
Published Sept 22, 2017
First cohort of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare venture graduated Aug. 16 in Dhahran
Brain science
Serotonin: The key to unlocking Alzheimer's?
Published Sept 22, 2017
Brain scan study from School of Medicine adds to evidence that lower brain serotonin levels are linked to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia / School of Medicine
Public health
High rural suicide rates largely driven by guns
Published Sept 22, 2017
Of every three deaths involving guns, only one is a homicide. The other two are suicides.
Cancer research
Scientists develop blood test to screen for cancer
Published Sept 22, 2017
Test detects tumor-derived DNA in blood, could cut down on over-testing for populations most at risk for certain cancers / Hopkins Medicine