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Making sense of the lagging U.S. COVID-19 vaccination effort
Published Jan 8, 2021
COVID-19 vaccines have been the subject of speculation and anticipation for months—so why hasn't the U.S. made more progress on vaccination?
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery receives $15M
Published Jan 7, 2021
Gift from trustee and philanthropist David M. Rubenstein will support research focused on the development of therapeutic approaches to preserve and restore hearing
Fighting food insecurity during a global pandemic
Published Jan 6, 2021
Jessica Fanzo, of JHU's Global Food Ethics and Policy Program, urges government cooperation to address the growing crisis / Nature
The Democracy Project
Disability and the democratic process
Published Jan 4, 2021
The 2020 election highlighted the ways the disability community is excluded from both the right to vote and access to voting
School of Medicine
Forging an accessible path
Published Dec 28, 2020
About a quarter of Americans have one or more disabilities. The School of Medicine is working to make success stories more common for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health disorders.
Quadriplegic patient uses brain signals to feed himself with two advanced prosthetic arms
Published Dec 28, 2020
System merging artificial intelligence, robotics, and a brain-machine interface represents major step toward restoring function and autonomy for patients without the full use of their limbs
'Another level of confidence and security'
Published Dec 22, 2020
The first Johns Hopkins health care workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, marking a turning point in the coronavirus pandemic
Restoring vision
Published Dec 21, 2020 Video
After losing his vision in a hand grenade explosion, Oleksandr Popruzhenko underwent surgery at the Wilmer Eye Institute to restore his eyesight—and his quality of life
Vaccine tracker now available on Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
Published Dec 18, 2020
The vaccine tracker shows the latest numbers for doses administered by U.S. states
Side effects and COVID-19 vaccines: What to expect
Published Dec 18, 2020
It's totally normal to experience side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. Here's what you need to know.