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Medical marijuana
A sea change in CBD drug policy?
Published Oct 2, 2018
The DEA announced a shift Friday that clears the way for the first prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant to make its way to market
Sexual health
Hopkins team awarded $5.1M by NIH
Published Sept 28, 2018
Engineer Jeff Wang and physician Charlotte Gaydos will oversee the development of a diagnostic tool for sexually transmitted diseases
Focus on wellness
Keep calm
Published Sept 28, 2018
Members of the JHU community can access Calm app for free through August 2020
Brain health
Illness and infection linked to dementia-related brain changes
Published Sept 27, 2018
Hospitalization, critical illness, and major infection may diminish brain structures that are most commonly affected by Alzheimer's disease
Drug policy
Scientists recommend reclassifying drug in 'magic' mushrooms
Published Sept 26, 2018
Psilocybin safety and abuse research shows that the drug has low potential for abuse and dependence, researchers say
Lawnmowers contribute to more than 6,000 injuries per year in the U.S.
Published Sept 26, 2018
Study finds that lawnmowers are a persistent source of injuries, especially lacerations, fractures, and amputations
Heart health
Getting to the heart of cardiac arrhythmia
Published Sept 12, 2018
Computer models help physicians better identify heart tissue to target during cardiac ablation, a procedure to correct irregular heartbeats
Reproductive health
Gates Foundation gives $20.5M to Bloomberg School program
Published Sept 10, 2018
The Challenge Initiative in the Bloomberg School of Public Health implements evidence-based reproductive health interventions in parts of Africa and India
Child development
Gender stereotypes begin at age 10
Published Sept 7, 2018
Around the world, children receive similar stereotype-reinforcing messages that girls are weak and boys are tough, study finds
Alliance for a Healthier World
Addressing health inequities in vulnerable communities
Published Sept 7, 2018
Healthier World Challenge Implementation Grants award up to $250,000 over three years to address global health inequities