COVID-19 information and resources for JHU


COVID-19 poses challenges for nursing homes
Published April 1, 2020
Geriatric nurse practitioner Alice Bonner discusses the special considerations that arise for older adults living in long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic
Public Health on Call
Published April 1, 2020
Evidence and experts to help you understand today's COVID-19 news—and what it means for tomorrow / Bloomberg School of Public Health
Protective equipment
Some assembly required
Published March 30, 2020
An around-the-clock army of volunteers is creating 5,000 plastic face shields a day for use by clinicians at Johns Hopkins
COVID-19: Immunity and seasonality
Published March 30, 2020
Immunologist Andrew Pekosz discusses urgent questions about the novel coronavirus, including whether anyone is immune to the virus and whether it will ebb in warmer months
Sequencing genome of the virus behind COVID-19
Published March 30, 2020
Biologists from the Applied Physics Lab work to track the mutation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19
Social media and COVID-19
Published March 27, 2020
Mark Dredze discusses how social media can help support messaging from public health organizations and combat the spread of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Public Health
Bloomberg School develops COVID-19 class with 'lightning speed'
Published March 27, 2020
Remote course launched earlier this week has attracted more than 380 students from around the world
Letting go of stress
Published March 27, 2020
Neda Gould, director of the Mindfulness Program at Johns Hopkins, hosts online guided meditation practices three time each weekday to help participants deal with anxiety
What will it take to develop a vaccine?
Published March 26, 2020
Global health expert Ruth Karron discusses the work currently taking place at laboratories around the country to develop a vaccine for COVID-19
Mental health
Anxiety, depression, suicidal thinking becoming more prevalent among some adolescents
Published March 25, 2020
The number of adolescent girls seeking mental health care each year rose significantly, as did the use of outpatient mental health care services by adolescent girls