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Pandemic response
COVID-19: Six months in
Published June 18, 2020
Johns Hopkins experts take stock of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the challenges that lie ahead
Why COVID-19 poses greater risks for men
Published June 17, 2020
Johns Hopkins biologist Sabra Klein discusses why men tend to be affected more severely and require hospitalization from COVID-19
This is not a drill
Published Summer 2020
For decades, scientists and researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security have warned of the catastrophic impact of a pandemic. Now they're using their expertise to help lessen the impact of one. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Losing touch
Published Summer 2020
Hopkins physician Sapna Kudchadkar details the physical and emotional toll of COVID-19, a disease she fought at home and on the front lines / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Summer 2020
Nan Zhang asks, "Why can't we shop in a new way that allows you to purchase directly with what you already own and save money from bypassing resale?" / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A focused approach to policing could reduce gun violence
Published June 15, 2020
Survey of residents in areas of Baltimore most affected by gun violence finds that "stop-and-search" policing isn't effective, erodes community trust in police; New report outlines recommendations
Symptoms, treatments for COVID-19-linked illness in children
Published June 10, 2020
Johns Hopkins pediatric cardiologist Lasya Gaur discusses the rare but serious coronavirus-related illness known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C
Jhpiego, Baltimore City announce tracing partnership
Published June 10, 2020
Baltimore Health Corps project will hire, train people to perform contact tracing to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus
SARS-CoV-2 is mutating slowly, and that's a good thing
Published June 10, 2020
Johns Hopkins scientists studying the virus that causes COVID-19 say the pathogen has few variations, a promising observation that boosts the chances of developing an effective vaccine
Hopkins 'white coats' gather for black lives
Published June 5, 2020
Health care workers from across Johns Hopkins gathered June 5 to remember those who have died from police brutality