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Daytime sleepiness linked to Alzheimer's
Published Sept 6, 2018
Adults who are excessively tired during the day are more likely to have brain deposits of the protein beta amyloid, a hallmark for Alzheimer's disease
Tau interferes with nuclear transport in Alzheimer's disease
Published Sept 5, 2018
Tau, a protein that builds up in the brains of people with Alzheimer's, disrupts the location and function of pores in a cell's nucleus
Next-gen health care
Published Fall 2018
For global contest, photographers capture the ways in which people around the world administer health care to each other / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A joint presentation
Published Fall 2018
The burgeoning cannabis industry holds opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and curious scientists alike / Johns Hopkins Magazine
No more cheat days
Published Fall 2018
Clinical trials of nutrition and diets are often complicated by the simple fact that study participants might not adhere to the rules of the study. What if there were a way to change that? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Careful wording
Published Fall 2018
Hopkins expert develops gold standard for discussing sensitive topics relating to health and life expectancy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Casting a wider net
Published Fall 2018
Jillian Fry works to make sure the public health crises and errors of industrial agriculture aren't repeated in a new arena—the sea / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Public Health
In Côte d'Ivoire, a plan to reach at-risk men for HIV testing
Published Sept 4, 2018
An effort led by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs aims to combat the social and cultural stigmas that prevent some men in parts of Africa from knowing their HIV status
Biomolecular engineering
Cell mechanics and the study of cancer
Published Sept 4, 2018
Denis Wirtz, vice provost for research, says unifying the field of cell mechanics around a common set of approaches will make it more valuable to the larger cancer research community
Cheating on your diet? This blood test can tell
Published Sept 4, 2018
Blood metabolites differed strongly between treatment and control groups in clinical trial of popular DASH diet