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Biomedical engineering
Funding NeMo
Published Dec 15, 2017
Hopkins researchers win $100K grant from Gates Foundation for their lifesaving baby monitoring device
Family health
To make a change, ask an abuela
Published Dec 15, 2017
In rural parts of Guatemala, a Johns Hopkins program teaches essential household skills to the people who traditionally lead the family: the grandmother
In memoriam
Johns Hopkins cancer pioneer Donald Coffey dies at 85
Published Dec 15, 2017
He spent more than 50 years at Hopkins, helped found Kimmel Cancer Center
Childhood development
Products of their environments
Published Dec 15, 2017
A neighborhood's quality has a lasting effect on a child's behavior, Bloomberg School researchers find
Experts gain insights on eczema
Published Dec 15, 2017
Common, toxin-producing bacteria induces protein activity in some individuals, prompting inflammation / Hopkins Medicine
The scientific process
Could you repeat that?
Published Dec 15, 2017
As retractions of published papers grow worldwide, a new effort at Johns Hopkins aims to improve standards and protocols to make science reproducible
Global warming's disproportionate impact
Published Dec 15, 2017
Effects of climate change likely to be more deadly in poor, urban African settlements
Cell biology
A scientific first: Artificial hydrogels formed in living cells
Published Dec 15, 2017
Formation of these difficult-to-study cell structures could advance the understanding of how they contribute to diseases such as ALS
Many breast cancer patients forgo post-surgery treatment
Published Dec 15, 2017
Patients who distrust health care system are more likely to go against doctor's post-surgery advice, study finds / School of Public Health
Bill Clinton urges swift action on opioids
Published Dec 15, 2017
Former president visits Bloomberg school for discussion of the drug epidemic and the public health response