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Indigenous health
A 'world of play' for Indigenous children
Published Dec 6, 2022
Through a LEGO Foundation grant, the Johns Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health will expand its Family Spirit home-visiting program and develop Indigenous-designed outdoor playspaces in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
Public health
Life expectancy is declining in the U.S. It doesn't have to be.
Published Dec 6, 2022
A new report authored by experts from the Bloomberg School of Public Health identify solutions to pressing public health concerns that are causing the average American life expectancy to fall
Health Care
Finding solutions for Native Americans in need of end-of-life care
Published Nov 30, 2022
Graduate students are finding business solutions to honor Native American culture and traditions during end-of-life care
Biomedical engineering
New tools map seizures in the brain, improve epilepsy treatment
Published Nov 29, 2022
Two new models could solve a problem that's long frustrated millions of people with epilepsy and the doctors who treat them: how to find precisely where seizures originate to treat exactly that part of the brain.
Public Health
Can guaranteed income improve health?
Published Nov 21, 2022
Hopkins researchers studying a guaranteed income pilot program in California found the program stabilized finances, led to more full-time employment, and improved participants' mental health
Cancer research
Novel AI blood test detects liver cancer
Published Nov 21, 2022
The test, developed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, aids in early detection of liver cancer—one of the leading causes of cancer deaths
Cancer research
Machine learning can help predict patient response to cancer immunotherapy
Published Nov 17, 2022
Algorithm gives insights into the biology behind an effective immune response
One size doesn't fit all: An AI approach to creating healthy personalized diets
Published Nov 17, 2022
A Johns Hopkins systems engineer's new method will allow patients to determine an achievable diet to improve their health and better manage negative symptoms
Faculty spotlight
Celebrated cancer researcher Chi Van Dang returns to Johns Hopkins
Published Nov 14, 2022
The alumnus and former faculty member of the School of Medicine has been named the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of cancer medicine
Tracking COVID-19 omicron variants
Published Nov 11, 2022
Andrew Pekosz and Joshua Sharfstein discuss the many faces of omicron, which tools are still holding up against it, and what virologists are still waiting to see from this virus