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OCT. 19
Workshop: Impromptu Speaking
Published Sept 20, 2017
Learn how to avoid the jitters when you haven't planned in advance
OCT. 23
Workshop: Achievement Now!
Published Sept 20, 2017
Unleash the secrets to improving yourself, your career, and your organization
OCT. 25 OR 31
Workshop: Health Coaching Improves Lifestyle Habits
Published Sept 20, 2017
Learn how the right pro can help you build on your strengths
It's almost time to enroll for 2018 benefits
Published Sept 20, 2017
Here are the options to consider before Annual Enrollment opens on Oct. 20
OCT. 24
Register now for the Johns Hopkins Baby Shower for new and expectant parents
Published Sept 20, 2017
Learn about employee benefits and resources available to you
Fall Fest draws 2,000 for picnic fare and carnival games
Published Sept 20, 2017 Photos
Johns Hopkin at Eastern is site of annual staff appreciation event
Develop a skill or feed your curiosity with Odyssey's noncredit courses
Published Sept 20, 2017
From intimate seminars to popular lectures, 50-plus courses are available to full-time staff and faculty at a steep discount
SEPT. 21
Workshop: Emotional Intelligence
Published Sept 20, 2017
Discover how well-honed social and emotional skills can increase job performance and productivity
SEPT. 19
Workshop: Feedback to Improve Job Performance
Published Sept 20, 2017
Learn useful techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of your team
SEPT. 14
Workshop: Legal Preparedness for Families
Published Sept 20, 2017
Here's what you need to know about wills, medical advance directives, and financial powers of attorney