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Women's health

Why COVID-19 poses greater risks for men
Published June 17, 2020
Johns Hopkins biologist Sabra Klein discusses why men tend to be affected more severely and require hospitalization from COVID-19
A place to heal
Published Spring 2020
Susan Sherman's SPARC Center serves some of the Baltimore's most vulnerable. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Incarcerated Women
Landmark study compiles data on pregnant women in prisons
Published April 11, 2019
Groundbreaking study calculates prevalence of pregnancy in prisons and tracks health outcomes of incarcerated mothers and their babies
Male circumcision boosts women's health
Published Oct 10, 2017
Procedure shown to reduce transmission of HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases
Women's health
Better health linked to decline in domestic violence
Published March 8, 2017
Researchers find reduction in domestic violence when chronically ill women receive life-saving treatment
Health disparities
Uneven access to uterine cancer treatment
Published Dec 18, 2015
Minimally invasive surgeries for uterine cancer have been slow to catch on / Hopkins Medicine
Mother love
Published Spring 2014 Photos
A Jhpiego program provides simple, lifesaving postpartum medication to women in South Sudan / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins surgeons perform robotic hysterectomies
Published July 2013
Two Johns Hopkins gynecologic surgeons among first in the nation to perform robotic hysterectomy using single, small incision / Gazette
Tiny patients, big decisions
Published Summer 2013 Video
Parents of newborns in the NICU face tough decisions. Nursing alum Sara Rosenthal wants to make the process easier / Johns Hopkins Magazine