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Wes moore

The Governor Wes Moore
Published Winter 2023
One year into his governorship, Johns Hopkins Magazine sat down with Moore to talk about a life of service / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Democracy in action
Wes Moore sworn in as Maryland governor
Published Jan 18, 2023
The Krieger School alumnus is the first Black governor of Maryland and only the third Black governor in U.S. history
Election 2022
Alum Wes Moore wins Maryland governor's race
Published Nov 9, 2022
Hopkins alumnus Wes Moore is the governor-elect of Maryland—the state's first Black governor and the third Black governor in U.S. history
How does one live?
Published Spring 2015
Wes Moore's new book documents his search for a meaningful life / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Homecoming for Wes Moore
Published Dec 12, 2012
Best-selling author, Rhodes Scholar, 2001 Johns Hopkins graduate has big plans for his native city / The Baltimore Sun