Archived articles


Rules of political engagement
Published Summer 2020
Drawing from interviews with political consultants and reps from social media platforms, JHU political scientist Adam Sheingate develops ethical framework for politics in the digital age / Johns Hopkins Magazine
COVID-19 and the 2020 election
Published April 16, 2020
Dan Honig, assistant professor at SAIS, says anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic has the potential to dampen participation and could encourage a 'flight to safety' for voters
Big jump in student voter turnout
Published Nov 14, 2019
The voting rate among students was 44.8% in 2018, up from 14.4% for the 2014 midterms
Democracy on Decker Quad
Published Oct 17, 2018
Interactive voting booth is part of Center for Social Concern's efforts to raise awareness, get out the vote for midterms
A message from President Daniels
Published Fall 2018
"At a moment when democracy again must be born anew, it is more important than ever that we all use the vital skills and tools that sustain democracy," writes Hopkins President Ronald J. Daniels / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Election 2016
How secure are our votes?
Published Aug 9, 2016
Computer security experts discuss vulnerability of voting machines, rolls in wake of recent DNC hack
Income and voting
Published June 28, 2016
SAIS's Pavithra Suryanarayan wins international award for study of voting disparities / School of Advanced International Studies
Smart voting?
Digital age democracy
Published Jan 20, 2016
Security concerns remain major obstacle for online voting, JHU's Avi Rubin says / Scientific American