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undergraduate education

Undergraduate education
Committee outlines new model for undergrad education at JHU
Published Feb 5, 2020
Members of the Hopkins community invited to share feedback on CUE2 draft report online or in person
JHU strengthens support for FLI students
Published May 16, 2019
FLI Network, launched last summer, connects first-generation and limited-income students with resources for college success
Undergraduate education
Nobel laureate touts 'active' science learning
Published April 12, 2018
Stanford physicist Carl Wieman speaks at event hosted by Second Commission on Undergraduate Education
Over coffee, students help shape undergrad experience
Published Feb 14, 2018
At 'Coffee with the Co-Chairs' events, undergrads speak directly to administrators about student life and learning
Higher education's changing landscape
Published Nov 27, 2017
A conversation with Columbia sociologist Jonathan Cole, one of the country's leading thinkers on higher ed reform
Undergraduate education
CUE2 to explore 7 key areas
Published Nov 16, 2017
Group charged with developing new model for undergraduate education completes initial phase of research, brainstorming