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Engineer discovers mighty power in small solar energy invention
Published Winter 2019
Hopkins engineer invents cost-effective, scalable microconcentrators that absorb more light and increase the power output of solar cells by up to 20 times / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins on the Hill
Leading by example
Published June 13, 2019
Researchers and scientists from across Johns Hopkins showcase their work to demonstrate importance of federal funding
Focus on wellness
Keep calm
Published Sept 28, 2018
Members of the JHU community can access Calm app for free through August 2020
'10,000 Small Businesses' and growing
Published Aug 14, 2018
Entrepreneurs graduate from Goldman Sachs program that partners with Johns Hopkins, other schools to provide business education, support services, and access to capital to Baltimore business-owners
Planetary science
Where does Martian dust come from?
Published July 31, 2018
New study suggests much of the dust on the surface of Mars comes from a single geological formation
Retail on a mission
Published Summer 2018
Kristian Henderson's online boutique for eco-friendly and black-owned businesses is more than retailer—it's a lifestyle / Johns Hopkins Magazine
ALS Research
Ice bucket boost
Published Aug 20, 2015 Video
Funds generated by Ice Bucket Challenge help make breakthrough finding possible, researchers say / The Washington Post