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The profound effects of the war in Ukraine
Published May 19, 2022
The prolonged violence is shaking up global political alliances, driving food insecurity, and upending the lives of millions of refugees, Johns Hopkins experts said during a live briefing May 17
War in ukraine
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine
Published March 31, 2022
Five Johns Hopkins experts discuss the near- and long-term global consequences of the conflict, including supply chain disruption, humanitarian disaster, and the heightened potential for a broader war
International health
Humanity under fire as Russia bombards Ukraine
Published March 16, 2022
As the war in Ukraine causes a massive humanitarian crisis, three Hopkins health care experts call out Vladimir Putin for illegally attacking civilians as well as health care facilities and workers
Russia's nuclear option
Published March 11, 2022
Francis Gavin, an expert in foreign policy, statecraft, and nuclear proliferation, discusses this delicate stage of Russia's conflict in Ukraine
Johns Hopkins helps deliver $4M in medical supplies to Ukraine
Published March 9, 2022
Johns Hopkins Medicine, University of Maryland Medical System partnership will help ensure emergency care for civilians, military personnel during the ongoing violence
Daniels shares message on invasion of Ukraine
Published March 3, 2022
Resources are available to members of the Hopkins community who have been affected by the unfolding crisis
Understanding SWIFT and economic sanctions
Published March 2, 2022
Alessandro Rebucci, an expert in global economics and finance, discusses how economic sanctions could affect Russia and the global economy
Ukraine's resilience, Russia's miscalculation
Published March 2, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts on foreign policy and geopolitics convene for panel discussion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the international response
Ukraine is now the front line in the global struggle for democracy
Published Feb 24, 2022
What happens next in Ukraine has implications for democracy's survival worldwide, say SNF Agora Institute faculty members Anne Applebaum and Yascha Mounk