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Better protection for transplant recipients
Published Sept 22, 2021
Will the COVID-19 vaccines protect transplant patients and others with compromised immune systems? That question has led Dorry Segev on a quest to protect those most vulnerable during the pandemic
In study, transplanted brain stem cells survive without anti-rejection drugs
Published Oct 2, 2019
By exploiting a feature of the immune system, researchers potentially open the door for stem cell transplants to repair the brain
Kidney transplants
Better chance at survivial
Published March 9, 2016
Study: Survival rates for those receiving incompatible organs higher than for those waiting on dialysis for compatible donor
New hope for HIV-positive transplant recipients
Published Feb 8, 2016
Johns Hopkins approved to perform first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in U.S.
Predicting kidney failure risk
Published Nov 6, 2015
Online tool could help doctors identify best donor candidates / School of Public Health
HOPE for waiting list
Published Dec 3, 2013
JHU research helps overturn decades-old ban on transplanting HIV-infected organs / Hopkins Medicine
Gerrymandering for good
Published July 15, 2013
Researchers suggest using redistricting formulas to make organ allocation more equitable / Hopkins Medicine
Status: Organ donor
Published June 19, 2013
Facebook push sparks massive uptick in organ donor registration, researchers say / Hopkins Medicine
Thrill of a challenge
Published Summer 2013
Surgeon Dorry Segev collaborates with his mathematician spouse to connect thousands of patients with badly needed organ donations / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Informed decisions
Published April 10, 2013
Web-based tool helps kidney transplant patients weigh their options / Hopkins Medicine