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In study, transplanted brain stem cells survive without anti-rejection drugs
Published Oct 2, 2019
By exploiting a feature of the immune system, researchers potentially open the door for stem cell transplants to repair the brain
Kidney transplants
Better chance at survivial
Published March 9, 2016
Study: Survival rates for those receiving incompatible organs higher than for those waiting on dialysis for compatible donor
New hope for HIV-positive transplant recipients
Published Feb 8, 2016
Johns Hopkins approved to perform first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in U.S.
Predicting kidney failure risk
Published Nov 6, 2015
Online tool could help doctors identify best donor candidates / School of Public Health
HOPE for waiting list
Published Dec 3, 2013
JHU research helps overturn decades-old ban on transplanting HIV-infected organs / Hopkins Medicine
Gerrymandering for good
Published July 15, 2013
Researchers suggest using redistricting formulas to make organ allocation more equitable / Hopkins Medicine
Status: Organ donor
Published June 19, 2013
Facebook push sparks massive uptick in organ donor registration, researchers say / Hopkins Medicine
Thrill of a challenge
Published Summer 2013
Surgeon Dorry Segev collaborates with his mathematician spouse to connect thousands of patients with badly needed organ donations / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Informed decisions
Published April 10, 2013
Web-based tool helps kidney transplant patients weigh their options / Hopkins Medicine
Saving face
Now comes the hard part
Published Spring 2013
Doctors have long mastered the techniques that make face transplants possible. Now the challenge is tricking bodies into accepting their new parts / Johns Hopkins Magazine