Thrill of a challenge

Image credit: Keith Weller

Dorry Segev, Med '96, SPH '09 (PhD), likes a challenge. "The things that don't come easily have a very strong allure to me," he says. It's this attitude that has made him a renowned Johns Hopkins transplant surgeon—as well as an accomplished swing dancer. He and his mathematician wife, Sommer Gentry, are award-winning dancers and the founders of what is now known as the Mobtown Ballroom, Baltimore's swing dance epicenter. They're not just partners on the dance floor: In 2005, they created an algorithm for pairing up kidney patients and donors that has enabled thousands of transplants to take place; more recently, they've devised a way to make the distribution of donor livers more equitable across the country. "What results from our partnership is stronger and happier and more fulfilling than anything we could have achieved on our own," Segev says, "which to me is the ultimate in a relationship and the ultimate in life."