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Student life

Student support
Quarantined on campus
Published Dec 14, 2021
Staff from departments across the university have been working behind the scenes to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and support students directly affected by the virus
Smita Ruzicka named vice president for student affairs at Middlebury College
Published June 10, 2021
She has served as dean of student life at Johns Hopkins since 2018
Toon school
Published Jan 20, 2021
Students explore old and new animation techniques in Karen Yasinsky's Animating Cartoons course
Student life
About 1,300 undergraduate students return to Homewood
Published Jan 19, 2021 Photos
Students who choose to return to campus for in-person instruction must adhere to new safety precautions and testing requirements
Student life
There's no workspace like home
Published Jan 11, 2021
Christopher Shallal, Parker Treadway, and Mark Shifman have converted their pingpong table room into the manufacturing laboratory of their dreams, complete with metal-working stations, 3D printers, and electronics cabinets
Design concept selected for Hopkins Student Center
Published Nov 2, 2020
The concept, submitted by the international architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group, features an open design with a large central campus living room, a variety of social spaces, themed community lounges, art and enrichment spaces, and dining options
Student experience
Tracing the path of COVID-19
Published Oct 12, 2020
Johns Hopkins students volunteer as contact tracers—an experience at once eye-opening, frustrating, monotonous, and rewarding
Student life
Give and bake
Published Sept 24, 2020
Over the summer, sophomore Christin Lê founded Lê Crumb Bakery, where 20% of all sales go to support Doctors Without Borders' COVID-19 relief efforts
On writing history's first drafts
Published Summer 2020
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter journalists work to make sure students' voices become part of the archives we use to tell stories about our past / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hollywood up-and-comer
Published Summer 2020
With major roles in an Amazon original and the new 'Ghostbusters,' actress Celeste O'Connor is determined to use her star status—and Hopkins degree—as a force for good in the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine