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Student experience
Tracing the path of COVID-19
Published Oct 12, 2020
Johns Hopkins students volunteer as contact tracers—an experience at once eye-opening, frustrating, monotonous, and rewarding
Student life
Give and bake
Published Sept 24, 2020
Over the summer, sophomore Christin Lê founded Lê Crumb Bakery, where 20% of all sales go to support Doctors Without Borders' COVID-19 relief efforts
On writing history's first drafts
Published Summer 2020
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter journalists work to make sure students' voices become part of the archives we use to tell stories about our past / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hollywood up-and-comer
Published Summer 2020
With major roles in an Amazon original and the new 'Ghostbusters,' actress Celeste O'Connor is determined to use her star status—and Hopkins degree—as a force for good in the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Performing arts
Can't stop the music
Published May 6, 2020
With their on-campus routines upended, Hopkins students find new ways to sing, dance, and perform while still adhering to social distancing guidelines
Student life
A virtual return to campus
Published March 20, 2020
Support is available for undergraduates finishing their spring courses online
Lunar New Year
A celebration of heritage, community
Published Feb 10, 2020
Hundreds of Johns Hopkins students participate in annual banquet celebrating heritage, culture, and community
Food and culture
José Andrés brings Butterfly to campus
Published Jan 29, 2020
New Levering Hall dining station serves authentic Mexican street cuisine developed by the celebrity chef
Intersession 2020
Course urges caution about causation
Published Jan 17, 2020
Students learn about how correlation can be mistaken for causation and how to critique exaggerated claims in scientific reports
Blue Jays share the projects that made them proud in 2019
Published Dec 26, 2019
Students share the academic and extracurricular projects that they're proudest of from 2019