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Kuiper Belt targets
Published Nov-Dec 2014
Hubble uncovers three objects that New Horizons spacecraft could potentially visit / Gazette
Black holes block new stars
Published Oct 22, 2014
Heat from fast-moving particles prevents cooling that creates new stars, study suggests
Ice pics
First look at Mercury ice
Published Oct 16, 2014
NASA Messenger provides optical images of frozen materials permanently shadowed near planet's north pole
Universal knowledge
Award for astrophysicist
Published Oct 15, 2014
Brice Ménard recognized by Packard Fellowship program as one of nation's most innovative young scientists
Leaky, star-forming galaxies help Johns Hopkins researchers better understand how universe evolved
Published Oct 10, 2014
Researchers measured radiation leaks in an effort to better understand how the universe evolved
Light reading
Stardust mystery solved?
Published Aug 14, 2014
New Milky Way maps could give astronomers insight into interstellar material that causes dark bands in starlight
Moon dance
Pluto satellite spotted
Published Aug 13, 2014 Video
New Horizons snaps historic photos of Pluto's largest moon in motion
Star bucks
Theoretical physicist honored
Published July 25, 2014
Marc Kamionkowski will receive up to $1M from the Simons Foundation to support his work
Out there
Johns Hopkins from space
Published July 8, 2014
Astronaut alum tweets photo of Baltimore (and JHU) as seen from the International Space Station