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space exploration

Seeing red
APL to build 'glasses' for Mars moon mission
Published Sept 21, 2018
2024 launch planned for mission being developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Cassini plummets into Saturn's atmosphere
Published Sept 21, 2018 Video
Spacecraft, with instrument designed and built in part at Applied Physics Lab, revolutionized our understanding of ringed planet
Space exploration
Space@Hopkins awards seed grants
Published Sept 21, 2018
Group that supports civilian space research from across JHU funds four interdisciplinary research projects
Space exploration
Dragonfly effect
Published Sept 21, 2018
APL proposal would use drone technology to explore possibility of life on Saturn's largest moon, Titan
Returns of the JEDI
Scientists marvel at Juno mission images
Published Sept 21, 2018
Spacecraft's flight to Jupiter, with APL-built instrument on board, is mission of 'pure discovery'
Astronaut Kate Rubins to visit JHU
Published Sept 21, 2018
First person to ever sequence DNA in space visits Hopkins for a talk about her experiments, experiences aboard the International Space Station
Data from distant asteroids
Published Sept 21, 2018
APL-built instruments for two upcoming NASA missions will provide close-up surface images, composition data of asteroids near Jupiter
A whole new world?
Published Sept 21, 2018
Planetary scientist Sarah Hörst discusses discovery of Earth-like planet in nearby Proxima Centauri system
Surface scan
A closer look at Mars
Published Sept 21, 2018
Gullies on Mars likely not formed by liquid water, scientists conclude
Giant steps
Juno arrives at Jupiter
Published Sept 21, 2018
Spacecraft, with APL-built JEDI instrument aboard, will aid our understanding of the origin and evolution of Jupiter