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Space exploration

A whole new world?
Published Aug 29, 2016
Planetary scientist Sarah Hörst discusses discovery of Earth-like planet in nearby Proxima Centauri system
Surface scan
A closer look at Mars
Published Aug 1, 2016
Gullies on Mars likely not formed by liquid water, scientists conclude
Giant steps
Juno arrives at Jupiter
Published July 5, 2016
Spacecraft, with APL-built JEDI instrument aboard, will aid our understanding of the origin and evolution of Jupiter
'Missing link'
Unlocking Jupiter's mysteries
Published June 30, 2016
NASA's Juno spacecraft with Johns Hopkins APL instrument aboard will enter Jupiter's orbit on July 4
Space exploration
First for CLASS
Published May 19, 2016 Video
High-powered telescope peering into origins of the universe receives 'first light'
Does Planet Nine exist?
Published Jan 21, 2016
JHU planetary scientist Hal Weaver discusses new evidence suggesting a giant Planet Nine lurks beyond Pluto
In memoriam
'Master of trajectory design'
Published Oct 22, 2015 Video
Robert Farquhar, a 50-year veteran of deep space missions, worked at APL for 16 years
Water on Mars
Instrumental observation
Published Sept 28, 2015 Video
Data from APL-built spectrometer show signatures of hydrated salts on present-day Mars
Surface shots
Pluto: It's complicated
Published Sept 11, 2015 Photos
Latest images from New Horizons spacecraft reveal distant planet's varied, complex surface
Moment of truth
New Horizons' epic voyage to Pluto
Published Fall 2015
Getting New Horizons to Pluto was a triumph. Now, after nearly 10 years and 3 billion miles, the spacecraft had to work. / Johns Hopkins Magazine