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Social justice

Justice for all?
Published June 7, 2023
Political scientist and sociologist Vesla Weaver listens to the voices of people whose experience of democracy, citizenship, and government is completely different from that of those not living under police surveillance
Engineering for social change
Published Nov 4, 2022
In her 'Social Justice for Engineers' course, alum Sarah Hemminger teaches Johns Hopkins students about how thoughtful design can address social ills
Center for Talented Youth
CTY's new social justice courses empower students to spark change
Published Aug 23, 2021
The curriculum for academically advanced pre-college learners is part of an overarching antiracism initiative launched by the center
A carceral crisis
Published Oct 15, 2020
A new report published by Johns Hopkins provides recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the criminal justice system
Hopkins 'white coats' gather for black lives
Published June 5, 2020
Health care workers from across Johns Hopkins gathered June 5 to remember those who have died from police brutality
Civil discourse
Building a 'global public square'
Published June 15, 2018
Agora Institute brings immersive audiovisual Portals to Homewood to connect people at Hopkins with others around the world
Foreign Affairs Symposium
'Alternative viewpoints'
Published Feb 2, 2017
Novelists Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Junot Díaz among speakers for 2017 spring semester
Black Lives Matter
Silent demonstration, resounding message
Published Oct 7, 2016
More than 400 students, faculty, and staff line up along Charles Street as part of Black Lives Matter demonstration
Race in America
Reflections on social justice, then and now
Published Sept 29, 2016
Activists, scholars take part in sixth event in JHU Forums on Race in America series
What's next?
Gathering storms for public health
Published June 10, 2016
Authors discuss pandemics, mental illness in prisons, and social justice movements at Bloomberg School event