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Social distancing

Health policy
Surveys find strong support for COVID-19 mitigation measures over time
Published March 23, 2021
Large differences were seen by age, beliefs, and political affiliation and among those who trust science and those who do not
Holiday planning
How to make decisions about winter holiday gatherings amid COVID-19
Published Nov 13, 2020
What you—and your guests—need to consider before gathering for the winter holidays
Americans' responses to stay-at-home orders differed according to population density
Published Oct 23, 2020
Lockdowns did not stop people from visiting parks and beaches; electoral results also linked to compliance
Social distancing linked to much lower chance of COVID-19 infection
Published Sept 10, 2020
Researchers say that similar studies could be used to predict local trends in infectious outbreaks
Flattening the curve
Individuals practiced physical distancing before state mandates
Published July 1, 2020
New study of cell phone data shows that people in counties hardest hit by the pandemic voluntarily reduced their number of daily trips outside the home to slow the spread of coronavirus
A philosopher's view of social distancing, protesting
Published June 24, 2020
Hopkins bioethicist Travis Rieder discusses the complex ethical issues surrounding social distancing and protesting / Daily Nous
How states can promote compliance with social distancing
Published May 6, 2020
Mario Macis, an expert in behavioral economics, discusses the perceived tradeoff between economic activity and public health, and how states can promote social distancing
Keeping kids active and safe
Published April 20, 2020
Keshia Pollack Porter shares ideas for how families can stay active while following social distancing recommendations