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Sickle cell disease

More sickle cell patients could benefit from transplant
Published Dec 12, 2023
"Half-matched" bone marrow transplants can cure sickle cell disease in 88% of patients
Maternal health
Study affirms link between sickle cell disease, risk of increased mortality in pregnant people
Published Feb 6, 2023
The study finds that the mortality rate for pregnant people with sickle cell disease is 26 times higher than the national average—a figure that hasn't improved since the last time this population was assessed
The thorny history of sickle cell anemia
Published Jan 25, 2023
As part of the university's Racism and Repair in the Modern Academy project, Johns Hopkins researchers look inward at the past, present, and future of treatment for this disease
Some sickle cell patients on opioids report more pain
Published June 22, 2016
Study suggests long-term opioid treatment might not be answer for managing pain associated with disease / Hopkins Medicine
Forgotten disease
Research that's personal
Published July 8, 2013
JHU professor lives with, studies sickle cell disease, a painful and rare blood abnormality / The Baltimore Sun
JHU sickle cell treatment named to top 10 list
Published May 2013 Video
Success of preliminary trial could lead to curative transplants for majority of sickle cell patients / Gazette
Half-match transplants eliminate sickle cell disease
Published Sept 24, 2012
Trial discovery could help make transplants available to many who need them / Johns Hopkins Medicine