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Liz Mengel makes sure you have the books you need
Published April 9, 2019
Here's how 20,000-plus books end up on the shelves of the Sheridan Libraries each year
Edible Books Festival
Behind the buttercream
Published April 3, 2019 Photos
Some of the book-loving bakers at the Sheridan Libraries' annual event tell us how they created their tasty cakes and captured fine details in frosting
Seeing Robert Wilson plain
Published Winter 2018
Hopkins is home to the bookseller's obsessively collected cache of Gertrude Stein books and ephemera / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Erasmus unredacted
Published Winter 2018
It will take a team of conservators, data scientists, and even an astrophysicist to find out what's written on the Red Cyprian's paint-slathered pages / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sheridan Libraries
Historic photos now available online
Published April 26, 2018
Photographs, slides, and portraits made available through the Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives
JHU Press to digitize more than 200 out-of-print books
Published April 10, 2018
Project supported by $200K grant from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities
Sheridan Libraries
Literature-inspired creations take the cake
Published April 9, 2018
What if a book could nourish the body as well as the soul?
Special Collections
Century-old selfies
Published March 7, 2018
Two undergrads create exhibit of historical African-American photos found in JHU's Special Collections
Freedom in many forms
Published Feb 2, 2018
Sheridan Libraries exhibit honors the ways black Americans have expressed freedom and empowerment
Hopkins history treasure hunt
Published Winter 2017
Dig a hole, crack a safe—You never know what will turn up from Hopkins' past / Johns Hopkins Magazine