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Hopkins history treasure hunt
Published Winter 2017
Dig a hole, crack a safe—You never know what will turn up from Hopkins' past / Johns Hopkins Magazine
History project
Mapping Frederick Douglass
Published Jan 16, 2018
Students in Johns Hopkins graduate seminar research, visit regional sites of significance in young slave's life
Curators' picks from 'Bibliomania'
Published Jan 16, 2018
Peabody exhibit shares 'rare and curious' items collected over the course of the library's 150 years
Firebrand with a pince-nez
Published Fall 2017
Elisabeth Gilman, the youngest daughter of JHU's founding president, was a fierce advocate for social justice / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Who you gonna call?
Dustbusters for a day
Published Jan 16, 2018 Photos
Volunteers go for clean sweep at George Peabody Library's annual day of service
Honoring an awakening
Published Summer 2017
Evergreen Museum and Library's James Archer Abbott is the new Philip F. Wagley Director and Curator—an endowed position made possible through a generous donation from Wagley's widow, Mary Frances / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ode to a muse
Published Jan 16, 2018
Student leaves behind poem for 'Woman with Sunglasses on Bench' sculpture at MSE Library
Books to devour
Great literature bake off
Published Jan 16, 2018
Hopkins bakers create delightful desserts inspired by books at fourth annual Edible Book Festival
Printer wonderland
Published Spring 2017
Globe Poster's archives contain little-known stories about musicians, boxers, and drag racers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Barbara Mikulski joins faculty
Published Jan 16, 2018
Five-term U.S. senator who spent four decades in Congress named professor of public policy, presidential adviser