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School shootings

Center will help schools address health, safety challenges
Published May 6, 2019
Center for Safe and Healthy Schools, led by the School of Education, brings together experts from across the university to develop holistic approaches to school health and safety
Dangerous minds?
The media, mass shootings, and mental illness
Published March 20, 2013
News reports about rampage shootings heighten negative attitudes toward people with serious mental illness, research shows / School of Public Health
Mind of a killer
Published Feb 21, 2013
Katherine Newman offers insight into what goes on in the minds of rampage killers for PBS special / PBS
Genetics and mass killers
Published Jan 16, 2013
Hopkins professor Nathaniel Comfort asks, could genetics help us understand mass killers? / Hartford Courant
Experts weigh in on national gun policy debate
Published Jan 15, 2013 Photos
Experts present research findings during two-day event, release consensus recommendations aimed at reducing gun violence in U.S.
Complete coverage: JHU gun policy summit
Published Jan 14, 2013 Video Photos
Global gun policy experts convene at Johns Hopkins to discuss relevant research, recommend federal actions to curb gun violence
Focus on firearms
Published Jan 7, 2013
Experts to convene at Johns Hopkins next week to present research, adopt specific policy recommendations
Predisposed to violence?
Published Dec 26, 2012
Genetics won't explain behavior of Newtown gunman, experts say / The Huffington Post
Warning signs
Published Dec 17, 2012
Katherine Newman's research sheds light on rampage school shootings like the one in Newtown, Conn. /
Why school shooters shoot
Published Aug 29, 2012
Katherine Newman's research offers insight into rampage school shootings like the one at Perry Hall High School / The Baltimore Sun