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U.S. aid and the war in Ukraine
Published April 30, 2024
With $61 billion heading to Ukraine, SAIS expert Hal Brands, editor of 'War in Ukraine,' discusses the current state of the conflict
Birds aren't real*
Published Feb 7, 2024
How a nonsensical protest sign sparked a movement that shed light on how conspiracies grow and spread
Is panda diplomacy over?
Published Nov 8, 2023
For the first time in over 50 years, the panda enclosure at the National Zoo will be empty. What does that mean for U.S.-China relations?
The rules of war and human rights
Published Oct 27, 2023
Human rights expert Len Rubenstein explains how laws governing war apply to health and human rights in the evolving Israel-Gaza conflict
Artificial intelligence
A modern-day Magic 8 Ball?
Published July 17, 2023
Artificial intelligence is becoming more common, but that doesn't mean it's always reliable, argues AI expert Anton Dahbura
Russia's nuclear option
Published March 11, 2022
Francis Gavin, an expert in foreign policy, statecraft, and nuclear proliferation, discusses this delicate stage of Russia's conflict in Ukraine
Creating a culture of cybersecurity
Published Nov 18, 2021
In advance of his book Confronting Cyber Risk, engineer Gregory Falco discusses how and why organizations should incorporate cybersecurity into everyday business and planning
COVID-19 has slowed surgical innovations, study shows
Published May 21, 2021
Pandemic-related shutdowns and remote work have changed how health care workers interact and slowed the pipeline of innovation and discovery
Seeing colleagues succeed may make us feel more motivated
Published May 7, 2021
Carey Business School's Christopher Myers discusses new findings that exceptional success—like failures—inspire us to learn from others' experiences
A conversation with CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky
Published April 30, 2021
Walensky, a School of Medicine alum, shares how Hopkins has influenced her career and shaped her vision for leading the country out of the COVID-19 pandemic