Archived articles


Representing a new generation
Published Spring 2019
Alum Lauren Underwood, the youngest African-American women elected to Congress, shares her thoughts on representation, democracy, and nursing / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The fan in the econ stands
Published Winter 2018
P.J. O'Rourke talks about learning economics in war zones, how politics and economics intertwine, and how to know when something's funny / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On empowerment, leadership, and diplomacy
Published Dec 4, 2018
Ambassador Wendy Sherman discusses her experiences representing the U.S. in nuclear negotiations with Iran and North Korea
Talking with Dora Malech
Published Fall 2018
Poet Dora Malech on experimenting with form and language, working with young writers, and how language shapes what we know and how we feel / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Speaking with Elizabeth Spires
Published Sept 4, 2018
In advance of her talk at the Ivy Bookshop this week, Spires discusses her newest poetry collection
The mysterious nature of desire
Published Aug 8, 2018
Biographer Cynthia Haven examines the life of René Girard, who helped shape the humanities at Hopkins and around the world
Thomas Dolby and the frontier of music
Published Aug 3, 2018
As his summer tour winds down, Thomas Dolby talks performing, composing, and his 35-year career as a musical pioneer
HQ's quiz zaddy
Published Spring 2018
HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky talks trivia, the New York Mets, and becoming a meme / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with Chris Lebron
Published Winter 2017
Philosophy professor talks teaching philosophy via a social movement, radical art, and James Baldwin's idea of love / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with Monica Hesse
Published Fall 2017
Hesse relocated to Accomack County on Virginia's Eastern Shore for a few months while researching the arsons that she covers in her new book, 'American Fire' / Johns Hopkins Magazine