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HQ's quiz zaddy
Published Spring 2018
HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky talks trivia, the New York Mets, and becoming a meme / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with Chris Lebron
Published Winter 2017
Philosophy professor talks teaching philosophy via a social movement, radical art, and James Baldwin's idea of love / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with Monica Hesse
Published Fall 2017
Hesse relocated to Accomack County on Virginia's Eastern Shore for a few months while researching the arsons that she covers in her new book, 'American Fire' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A conversation with AAP's Elise Levine
Published Summer 2017
Author opens up about her process, her inspirations, and the one writer she recommends to everyone / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Behind the science
Hopkins oncologists discuss new cancer study
Published July 21, 2018
Researchers: 'Many people will develop cancer no matter how perfect their behaviors are because of random copying errors'